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    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting to travel and peforming poetry in different countries. I think it would be an amazing experience to share in the thoughts and culture of different people from across the world.

    The states is really a place i've been looking at going to learn from my brotha's and sistahs there and just really get a first hand experience of the poetry scene.. there is so much to learn..

    So, if anybody knows of any festival, or any other happening that would be willing to invite me (a little nobody up and coming peformance poet really) over I'm more than game. recently, Ursula Racher (sp!) and stacy-ann chin were invited to peform at the Urban Voices Spoken word festival and it was off the hook.. the appreciation that we had to had a chance to listen to them and share in their work was amazing... I wish the two places werent that far from each other!!!! I'd like to see an exchange programme happening on a more regular basis but the resources are always in the way..

    let me know..

    much love and respect