Black Events : Poetflow 2002 In Alabama!!!!


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Dec 1, 2001
A free bee

Every Eye will see. Both near and far. When the MAIN MAN takes the lid off the jar! My daddy poked some holes in the lid of a mason jar when I was Three years old. I had me some insects in
there. that was there world. I would open the jar to give them leaves and twigs and dirt. They did't have a clue. I'm bettin neither do me or you!:toast: :kiss:

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Peace and Blessings Beloved! Welcome Home! :yaay: :yaay: :yaay:
Please Ask God to bless me in finances and better circumstances. I'm trying to move forward with my life and a better career. I need prayer warriors out there to save a prayer for Clifford. I was staying with my folks during my time of studies