Black Poetry : POETFLOW 2002...ANY INTEREST

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    Jan 30, 2001
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    Sorry this is not a poem but there is a captive audience. Just want to know if there is any interest in a Poetflow for the summer of 2002.

    Getting together to read poetry non stop for a rules for registration time pre formal nothing. IF YOU GOT POETIC **** TO SAY, COME ON AND SAY IT. PERIOD! Nothing else is required because I for one don't want to be bothered with getting all the above mentioned stuff together.

    WHY SUMMER 2002?
    Ya'll know the majority of we folk need plenty of advance time to plan. We last minute, but don't do well when it needs to get done last minute

    Kansas City, Mo. It's in the middle of the country. West folks don't have to come too far east and east coast folks don't have to come too far west. You would make your own travel arrangements and hotel arrangements. A large enough meeting room would be available for around the clock, open mic, poetic flow and minglin.'

    Further details will be forthcoming if enough people say they are down to come and mean it (very important)

    Hit me at [email protected] if you are SERIOUS about participating.