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    "That Ghetto Mentality"

    Slavery everywhere I look
    as she asked me the questions
    ****** and nervous
    conflicted and restricted
    my mental was malnourished
    without the book how can I find the signs
    **** I have no answers
    I didn't even realize today was going to be a test
    I arrived at life's school a couple hundred years
    too late to change the inevitable
    and the devil is offering me a cheat sheet
    **** I have no number 2 pencil
    how the **** will I succeed?
    how in the hell will I fill my own greed
    and in my nightmares all I see is bills
    I'm walking around in the day-to-day crunching numbers
    trying and praying to GOD that they don't take my name away
    and give me numbers in its place
    stripes were never a color
    contrary to popular racist belief
    My baby's birthday is coming up and the goverment under paid my boss
    and that trickle down effects my pockets
    its my loss
    **** so expensive
    My breath I might have to put in my momma's name
    and GOD discarded his last name
    when people tried to build fame on it
    for the sake of some passion
    when will my fellow slaves learn to interact and come up
    out of death and overcome
    ghettofabulous is so much more than a word
    a goldtooth smile
    and a charm around your neck
    I'm ******* tired of having to sell when I'm in need
    and having to short change my baby momma everytimeI'm guilty of trying to eat
    she already thinks I'm no good for my past record
    But I had to make that change to begin fatherhood
    and my best has to be better than the rest
    but the stress on my chest
    heated at times
    frustrated with my wasted dimes
    struggling for my life to be worth more than
    ten dollars per hour
    unprepared was I when my life was in practice
    when do I get my do over
    time out and start again
    when can I qualify
    when can I qualify
    when can I qualify
    how can I win
    when I choose not to sin
    how can I win
    when I make that choice
    the words they try to whip me with have long been hidden
    only come out in the light of day to whup on the defenseless
    yet they saw we've come a long way since the beatings
    I wish one of them muphuckas would lay and hand on me
    the chains may have disappeared but I still feel them
    the chains may have disappeared but I still feel them
    ******* are no longer here, but I still see them
    sip some of my wine look to in my eyes and try to smile
    my only comfort in today is that I'm no longer afraid to fail
    I'm no longer trapped in anyones truth,
    but eyes must be opened
    to my reality
    that if I'm not twice as good as any phenomenon
    there's no place in this land for me
    but my comfort is in that word possibility
    because in that space of infinity
    even I have a chance
    and that's my freedom

    that's my Ascension

    above that Ghetto mentality
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    wow wow wow !!!
    now dat was some deep compassionate poetry in motions flowing out
    what u express makes a mind go into a zone and come back
    this was mad tyte brutha rhyme4reason..................do yo thang man.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    this was some awesome writting really likes the flow...