Black Short Stories : Pleasure versus Passion........

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    (Shantell) Ok, Ok I have a story to tell. Listen up women, wives, girlfriends, booty-calls I am here to tell you please don't be mad when you’re man seeks me out. I am so tired of women calling my phone talking about did you know he was involved. Listen your man, boo doesn't disclose his status, and frankly I don't care. I have two principles and it is Pleasure versus Passion. I like pleasure over passion who the hell wants to get involved with passion. Passion just seems to ruin everything. I think the first time I realized it was about pleasure when the men in my life were about men that were involved. These men would tell me how their women weren’t doing this or that. In my mind I was like shut the f up and just [email protected]@@. I don’t care about your problems just give me my pleasure and be gone. My number one rules for the men that are with me I tell them don’t catch feelings.

    I know you probably shaking your head about the way I feel well listen I don’t give a [email protected]@@. My heart has heartened over the years my household wasn’t pleasant. My so called humble beginnings weren’t like yours my life was about being on the run. My mother was an addict and the only way mother could provide was do special favors. My mom taught me from an early age that man is not @@@@, and the only thing they are good for is giving money. You can’t make it in the world unless you play the game. Judging from the many men she has been with it was all about the game. I use to hear her talk about how my fother was a no good bum. My mom used crack to numb her pain of losing her family, and my father. My mother used to throw things at me saying I use to remind her of him. I learned to not be around when mother was catering to her men, and using drugs. I would hide in my closet and just write my feelings away.
    I may have seen my father maybe about three times, and every time he would see me he would pat my head like I was a dog. My father

    Okay fam I am currently working on writing two stories at the same time..........If you havent checked out the first story it will be called, "Restoration, and my second one is called Pleasure versus Passion. I will remind those that are not familiar with my work it is pure entertainment, and not a story about my life. I tell my stories in a story teller way I want you to feel, and see my characters emotions. I hope to complete both books by thanksgiving I will be posted little excerpts of both up and coming books. Thanks for taking the time of reading and feel free to post any commments about my new writes.
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    life imitating art...hmmm.

    i see a transformation going on...where more and more women are transitioning to this way of thinking...and men are having difficulties dealing with it...unable to let go, when it's time to go.

    fortunately, or unfortunately, feelings have a way of creeping in when least expected...and just when everyone have accepted you as being about "pleasure," you desire the "passion" those feelings scream for.

    i'm liking the flow of this. should make for an interesting book. keep writing, my friend.