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    Lo ! I will speak to you on pleasures .
    2 . Know ye that in The Holy Tablets chapter ten tablet twelve verse 147 it states ; The Less Pleasure You Have , The Less Your Burden Of Liberation Will Be .
    3 . Worldly pleasures intensify the desire for greater enjoyment .
    4 . The mind can never be satisfied no matter how much of man's pleasures are fed .
    5 . Emotions become dangerous when they become motion .

    6 . It is these emotions that make you fight ; which lead to wars .
    7 . Emotions that lead to greed . cause you overeat , and leads to diseases ;
    8 . Or to eat yourself to obesity , or death .
    9 . Emotions lead to your need , and what you want ; and sex leads to lust and luster .
    10 . You are exceptionally apt to get AIDS , or one of many other Diseases today . If you let your emotions be controlled by Lust , or the Luster of it makes you go out and buy a sexual instrument to give you pleasure . You desire to feel good . Then you become a pleasure animal , a sex addict .

    11 . Then you will be an AIDS victim .
    12 . Because of the fact that you need stimulants to make you feel good shows you have a lack of self-control .
    13 . And if the opportunity arise for you to have sex you'll take chances ,
    14 . Not caring what the Consequences might be , even possible death .
    15 . When you're emotional and calm you're okay .

    16 . I'm not saying don't have feeling ,
    17 . Do not cry or let your anger get you into Trouble because you can't control your Mouth .
    18 . When you are over Emotionaly , Sexually out of Control you take Chances you normally Wouldn't , And regret it once you have AIDS .
    19 . When you're over Emotional you can get into a Fight and have regrets ,
    20 . Or a person who is Obese now has regrets that they're Fat and say .

    21 . I Wish I Could Lost Weight ,
    22 . Like getting Fat wasn't their problem from the beginning .
    23 . This Is Your Own Trinity ; 1 . Me , 2 , Myself , & 3 . I .
    24 . These emotions lead to other emotions like fear and regret ;
    25 . A person with AIDS now realizes '' I'm Going To Die ''

    26 . The person who is Obese , And has all this Fat around their Heart realizes with their added worry , aggravtion , Which increases the chances of dying , say ;
    27 . I'm Going To Die '' Emotions link into Motion .
    28 . When you give into your Emotion , You give up a part of your Divinity .
    29 . That means when you're Up-Set by something ,
    30 . You are no longer in control of Your-Self ,

    31 . And therefore you're Under the Rule of another . Remember . Emotions ; Gluttony - one can eat themself into sickness and even death . Anger - wars , taking things , This is mine , That is mine , I want this , I want that . Lust - pleasures , comfort conscious , desires .
    32 . You can say out of your mouth , I control my life '' .
    33 . However , you can be under control and lose your own divinity ,
    34 . And Surrender your divinity to another who is in authority .
    35 . The saying is ; believe in yourself , Then they say believe in God .

    36 . They told you who and what you are ( Genesis 1 ; 17 ) , in the scriptures of our apostle St. John the Divine called in tones Yowkhanan and in rhythm Yuhanna , the 10th chapter , the 34th verse where it states in John 10 ; 34 , Jesus Answer Them Saying , Is It Not Written In You Law , I Said You Are Gods ? ... And again in the scriptures , which was received by our King David called in tones Dawiyd , And in rhythm Dawud , The Book of Psalms the 82nd degree , the 6th verse where it states Psalms 82 ; 6 , I Said You Are Gods And All Of You Are Children Of The Most High .
    37 . For instance when you Humble yourself to Some-One you are Surrendering your divinity to Them , But can Regain it Back .
    38 . It is not like once you lose your divinity that you can't regain it again . You lose it of your free will . So you can earn it back when you will . Don't mix Humbleness up with Submission
    . They are not the same . No man knowns less than the one who knows it all .

    Mind your mind for the jewels of your soul

    The Mind Scroll By
    The Grand Al Mufti '' Divan ''
    Novle ; Rev . Dr . Malachi Zodok York -El 33/ 720
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    Health & Relaxation"

    Lo! Oh My Little Children.

    2 What I Must Upon Your Minds Is The Importance Of A Healthy, Mind, Body And Soul, And A Proper Relaxation. Remember My Child, The Very Words Healthy And Health Begins With The Word Heal. To Heal One's Self Is Step One. To Heal One's Mind Will Heal One's Whole Body. And Relaxation Is Simply To Learn To Relax.

    3 What Ye Must Always Remember Is:

    4 By Taking Proper Care Of Your Physical Body, You Are Protecting Your Inner Spirit,

    5 And By Poisining Your Physical Body, Be It Through Drugs, Alcohol,

    6 Cigarettes, Junk Food,

    7 Sugars, Or Salts, And I Can Go On,

    8 You Are Doing Serious Harm To Your Spirit, And It Becomes Weaker And Weaker.

    9 Through The Teachings Of The Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchisedek, A.M.O.M,

    10 You Will Be Taught On How To Nourish Your Body As Well As Your Soul.

    11 Know Ye That, Proper Exercise, Proper Breathing,

    12 Proper Relaxation, Proper Diet, An Intake Of Much Water,

    13 And Positive Thinking Are The Requisite Attendant That Lead To A Healthy,
    Dynamic, And Effective Existence.

    13 Proper Relaxation Is Needed To Maintain Mental, Spiritual, And Physical Health.

    14 Many Of Ye Think That Relaxation Involves Leaving Home For Some Exotic Place,

    15 Where The Mind And Body Are Ceaselessly Pumped With Stimulants And Depressants;

    16 And A Full Range Of Other Damaging Delights.

    17 True Relaxation Comes From Removing The Stimuli Visual Edible And Otherwise;

    18 And Tuning Into The Inner Awareness.

    19 Like Any Piece Of Sturdy Machinery, ENOSITE'S Physical And Mental Bodies Can Take Quite A Bit Of Abuse Before Giving Any Signs Of Protest.

    20 Unfortunately, In Western Thinking It Has Become A Practice To Ignore The Basic Rules Of Health,

    21 And To Think That A Pill Here Or There Which Relieves Symptoms;

    22 Will Actually Bring About Well-Being, Quite The Opposite Is True.

    23 Pain In The Body Is A Warning,

    24 Like A Red Light On The Instrument Panel Of A Car.

    25 Taking This Or That Compound Of Chemicals To Remove The Symptoms Is The Same As Taking A Hammer And Breaking The Red Light.

    26 It Does Nothing To Solve The Problem,

    27 And In Fact. May Make It Worse,

    28 While Only Giving The Appearance Of Helping.

    29 Many Chemicals Ingested Are Not Useful To The Body, And Cannot Be Eliminated,

    30 And Are Therefore Merely Stored.

    31 The Medicines Accumulate, Along With The Food Additives That Are Eaten In Such Abundance,

    32 On The Average Of 25 Pounds Per Person, Per Year.

    33 And They Combine With Each Other To Literally Poison The System.

    34 The Effects May Not Be Felt For Many Years.

    35 This Does Not Mean, That There Is No Need For Modern Medicine, Yet Herb Of Your Own Is Much Better.

    36 But Often Doctors Are Considered To Have Some Form Of Absolute Knowledge.

    37 Too Often, Frequent Visits To The Local GP (General Practitioners) Specialist, Or
    Psychologist Are Substituted For Living A Healthy Life.

    38 Most Of The Diseases Of The Mind And Body Can Be Eliminated By Following The Five Basic Points.

    A-Proper Excercise
    B-Proper Breathing
    C-Proper Relaxation
    D-Proper Diet With Much Water

    Thinking-Prayer And Mediation

    Mine Your Mind For
    The Jewels Of Your Soul