Black Spirituality Religion : Pleasing the God in His divine mission should be your ultimate aim.

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    Pleasing the God in His divine mission should be your ultimate aim.

    Pleasing the God in His divine mission should be your ultimate aim. To serve Him in His divine mission you need the basic requirements like food, shelter etc. For that you need a job if you do not have sufficient support. Today the householders are not respecting the real monk because several mockers are there in the dress of monk. To secure a job you must study well. For all this your life should exist and therefore, you should never think of the suicide under any circumstances. If you are turned to ultimate aim, all your problems will be solved by God.

    You must have full faith in Him and infinite patience because God always has a special style of helping His devotee through an unimaginable way and that too in the last fraction of the last second. Your faith should not vibrate even if that last fraction of last second has also gone, because He can change the past, present and future in any way. He can take the present into past, past into present, future into present and future into the past. For God, after all, the time is also a relative reality like space. For some, the ultimate aim is the pleasure of the self or pleasure of the family.

    A person who aims at the self-pleasure is worst. A person who sacrifices his pleasure for the sake of the family is a better soul because the concept of sacrifice has started in it. But such soul should analyze and realize that the other souls will not even recognize it after leaving these gross bodies here. Thus, the ultimate aim should be divine, aiming at the God.
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    Truthful. :)

    We should indeed place our focus on the Father, as He has focused on us from the beginning, and has provided for us without ceasing. If we choose to do all things in faith to the Father and the Son, we surely have nothing to worry on because He'll be our guide and protection. Faith should never waiver, no matter the circumstances, and we should give our all in love for the Holy KING.

    Recognizing His sacrifice and believing with all trust His resurrection is the start in the journey walking with the Son to the Father where the faithful belong. When this is done, not regarding the follies of men and women, a great thing is done which certainly will be rewarded for all that it is worth.