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Feb 28, 2009
Please move the thread "Judge...But Judge Not" from the CHRISTIANITY FORUM to the SPIRITUALITY/RELIGION FORUM so that any members who wish to respond to this Bible discussion may do so without any discomfort.

This way, the non-Christians who have such deep interests and inquiring minds about the Bible may join in as these Bible verses came into discussion from another thread/topic.


I wanted to make a comment on a post, but then i saw that the link provided was from 'the christian study group' and i ain't tryin' to do an accidental 2-4 week bid, or be banned from all study groups by accident. Not saying it was a set up, but i'm just sayin' it almost got me and i would've had to call shik to get me out.

So, i just want to ask the mod's for clarification. We know that questions that may seem like attacks are not allowed in the study forums, but what happens when links to threads from the study group forums are introduced out here in the open forum, above sea level? :confused:

Is the thread still untouchable, even if it was brought out here by a member of that study group as a response in the open forum, trying to prove someone else wrong?

As i said, i was about to post to it, but then just happened to notice the section the link was from.

Another question just presented itself. Is posting links from any study group in the open forum even allowed? Doesn't it kind of handicap anyone who would like to respond to what was posted because the one posting the link knows that it is off limits so no retort can be presented?

Just asking for clarification please.

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