The Front Porch : Please Help Keep The Community Alive

Sha'iyn said:
i'm eagerly awaiting monies from my job and from school. can expect a nice donation from Shuga Shane. I want to see this online community flourish. So, I vow to be more adimant with my dues here. Thanks fro posting the "heads up".

Thank You Brother Sha'iyn ... :love:

You're one of those that joined, and immediately started helping.

Thank you for being willing to continue, for the costs are daily, weekly, monthly ... they never stop!

Your understanding this, and being willing to help in a like manner ... man oh man oh man ... Thank You!!! :love: :kiss: :love:


In the Spirit of Sankofa and Community!

Destee said:
Brother Clyde Coger ... Peace and Blessings!

Yes, you can always check the subscription length of your Premium Membership, by viewing the top of this page (USER CP). In addition, you will receive an email prior to the expiration of your Premium Membership subscription.

Thank You Brother Clyde Coger for being willing to help.

If you have more questions, just ask.

Much Love and Peace.




You believe in the Community and we, the Community, believes in You! Remain Prayerful! Strong! Black! and Beautiful! Visit Da Recovery Room sometimes, it helps!



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