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anAfrican said:
we love this space because we all know that Destee is sitting all stunned and crying and thangs as she reads this. And nothing but the unvarnished HeartTruth in these words.

But that is all your fault you Wonderfulness You! This is YOUR Dream! Your Heart! Our Hearth!!

Thank You for Sharing Your Dream with us thereby allowing/enabling/encouraging us to build a Community Worthy of being kept alive (freudian fingers: wanted to bring "alove")!!

"Destee", n.: "Healing"; an "EarthMother" state-of-BEing.

(hey river; along them lines, i've got "Soul Vaccination" injectionin' in them earpans!! The TOWER!!) (with "So Very Hard to Go" at the "enough preview; submit" stage! <g>)

Hey Brother anAfrican ... :wave: ... :love: ... :wave:

Yes, you're right ... sitt'n over here cry'n and snott'n and everything ... :love:

When i first read your response, i wasn't cry'n, but now that i'm actually responding back to everything ... feeling the weight of the pressures i feel ... and thinking on the words shared, how others feel the love here, the refuge that we've created ... providing a place where we can come and get some encouragement and love and stuff ... that is sooo beautiful and i'm honored that it's not just me, that sees it, believes it, and is willing to help sustain it. That is the really beautiful part. I could go on and on, all day long, talking about how great this place is ... but if there is no one else that thinks the same, that's willing to sacrifice to keep it here for all of us ... then ... all my talk'n probably doesn't mean a whole lot ... i mean ... problee ... :)

So Yes Yes Yes ... this is all so very encouraging!

Thank You Brother anAfrican for being willing to help as well. You know, i feel so honored to have the unique position in this community that i do, able to have a unique relationship / perspective with most every one that has joined us ... sometimes even, an inside, intimate, view of things. You're one that stands out in my mind and heart Brother anAfrican. I remember when you first joined and your reluctance to trust ... not just here, but anywhere ... and how slow you were to warm up to (believe) the energy found here ... and even though it frustrates you still (our collective slow pace in many areas) ... you still stand with us.

Your love is a really special love Brother anAfrican, because you are so cautious and careful in giving it! :love:

So, to be the recipient of your love, your help, your support ... will be forever special in my heart. Thank You!

Much Much Love and Peace Brother anAfrican! :love:


Clyde Coger said:

HODEE brings up a very good point, do you or will you alert us before our membership expires? I would certainly want to know before my expiration date, if possible!

Brother Clyde Coger ... Peace and Blessings!

Yes, you can always check the subscription length of your Premium Membership, by viewing the top of this page (USER CP). In addition, you will receive an email prior to the expiration of your Premium Membership subscription.

Thank You Brother Clyde Coger for being willing to help.

If you have more questions, just ask.

Much Love and Peace.


Thank You for all you do :spinstar: Destee! :spinstar:

I love you as well.:grouphug:

I sent the payment just now. Happy Holiday's Destee!:flowers:
HODEE said:
Thank You for all you do :spinstar: Destee! :spinstar:

I love you as well.:grouphug:

I sent the payment just now. Happy Holiday's Destee!:flowers:

Thank You Brother HODEE ... :kiss: :love: :kiss: :love: :kiss:

I've updated your subscription length ... :)

You have no idea how much this helps me, or maybe you do ... but i am so grateful. Thank You.

I'm gonna really work on ending this very vicious cycle of always having to beg.

It's so demeaning and uncomfortable. If it weren't for those like you, it would be demeaning, uncomfortable, and we'd be dead.

I've been told that i romanticize this effort, the building and maintaining of the community, and that i'm living in a panacea ... though i don't really know what panacea means ... i guess it means sticking my head in the sand, hoping that things work out like i want ... that the Family will collectively care and help ... when it's usually always the same few that help, while the vast majority don't. I remain in denial, that this really isn't working properly, until i can't deny it any longer, and i have to cry and beg because things are so bad. It's so krazee, such a vicious cycle. There's got to be something wrong with me, romanticizing, panacea-ing, something, that allows this to repeat itself.

I've got to come up with a better way. I'm praying that God and our Ancestors continue to bless us, through this month and next, and come the first of the year ... a brand new year (Lord Will'n) ... i'll have to do things way different than i have all the other years, for we need way different results.

I'm good at what i'm good at, and i'm terrible at that which i don't know how to do. This is the part i'm terrible at, but i've got to figure it out, and i will, for it is a part of the process that never goes away ... paying for the endeavor. It's so weird too, because it continues to grow, every single day ... which increases the costs ... it's krazee and it's not new. We have a history of facing this same challenge, in this same way, with me hoping for the romantic beautiful Black end, where we all come together and help sustain the effort. It would only take each of us doing a little, but it doesn't go like that. I don't know what to do, but i've got to do something.

I'm not really fussing at anyone, other than my own self. It's ultimately my own responsibility, and i do realize this, which makes your help Brother HODEE, and those like you, all the more dear to me ... for you could be like most, and not help at all.

But you are not like most !!! ... :love: ... Thank You Brother HODEE ... you're the absolute best ... and i wish you and yours a wonderful holiday as well.

Thank You Thank You Thank You. :grouphug:

You have no idea how helpful you have been to me.

Thank You! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:




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