Black People : Please, Call Me ******! By E. Lee Sullivan

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    Please, Call Me ******!
    By E. Lee Sullivan

    Thank God for the Internet, even though, right now, at this very moment, plans are being laid to overtake, control and limit, its' continuous, uncensored spread of factual information to the populous, someone e-mailed a fantastic article describing the origins of the now infamous "N" word.

    It takes us back to ancient Khemit (renamed Egypt by the Greeks) to explain that in those times Niger (N-G-R) meant "God" Black God and Black people were known throughout the known world as Gods, land of the Blacks, the most spiritual people on the earth.
    Euro-American transformation, Willie Lynch-ing, white washing, you been bamboozled………

    Today as the movie Menace II Society showed and as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated, "It's open season on the Black man." The slave catchers have badges, blue suits, government issued cars, paychecks, billie clubs, guns, a license to kill and the rights to harass Black folks, especially young Black men at will. As American Capitalistic Imperialism begins to corrode she is becoming more vicious toward Blacks in America (and people of color around the world).

    Last year the coined phrase was "driving while Black", meant it was just plain dangerous and life threatening to drive as a Black man, especially if you had a really nice automobile. Now in 2007 it's the new ordinance DC-6 "walking while Black", standing at the bus stop while Black or in the case of 92 year old Kathyrn Johnston, who was shot to death by Atlanta policemen, it's being at home while Black. (Government officials looking for drugs government agencies have put in the Black community).

    How did Black people become Americanized *******? Because we don't know who we really are, what we really are, we have forsaken our own Deities, (Asar, Aset, Heru) and accepted that blue eyed, blond hair, alcoholic, homosexual white man passed off as Jesus the Christ painted by the European as our God and Savior.

    We don't embrace our own "Maat" way of living, instead we are Baptist, Methodist, Catholics, getting in where we were taught to fit in, divided and conquered.
    Over a million Black men incarcerated, over 40% of Black women without a Black man, refusing to unite for what is good for all Black people, scared to speak out fearing what the price will be, willing to go off and die for America but afraid to die for your own Black cause, class divided and mentally subsided.

    I shiver to think that there is no Master Deity that is coming to save us, no space ship to bean us up, no natural disaster that will destroy our enemies (which include some of us). The solution is to go back for our future, embracing our ******-hood, lies within our own hands within our own hearts. Is it too little too late, have we converted to the God of this land, his white face and numerical system of paper power, (except for when it comes to voting) reading, "In God we trust" whose God, his G.O.D., of Gold, Oil and Diamonds, insulting us by using our colors of red, black and green, on his money (I know Ms. Welsing could make a symbolic case of white male supremacy and white domination of Black people out of that one).

    When will we awake to the fact that we are Gods and Goddess's and that "our" Deities are still with us today awaiting our call, our spiritual/enlightenment awakening, our return from what we know as American ******* to what we don't know as African "Nigers".
    Day two of Kwanzaa, Kujichagulia (self-determination) speaks to defining ourselves instead of allowing others to define us. We allow ourselves to be defined by our open enemy. Webster reads that "******" should be pronounced as (ni-ger), perhaps our oppressors knew all along what the original meaning was (and mispronounced it purposely) to their own ignorance and ours. Blacks have fallen from grace to swine eating, drug smoking, bought out (Faith Based Initiative) sell outs, who can't like centuries ago in America, walk down the streets in numbers (as young Black men) or be safe in our own homes and communities or speak truth to power without losing our positions, being jailed, obstructed or murdered.
    As I listen to Farrakhan speak saying our chastisement is coming upon us for not coming together, not working together and that only the favored of The Most High God will make it through what is here, now and what is to come, I ask myself how does one become favored by God. The answer I found was to study to show yourself approved, don't limit your study to your personal religious persuasion, branch out and become inclusive of all knowledge concerning The Creator.

    And as for Black people, go back, go way back, farther than the old Negro spirituals, farther than his-story, to our-story the study of the Ausarian Resurrection, the study of Ancient Khemitic Mysticism, Yoga and meditation then you won't have to be led by reverends and preachers, you can become your own leader, being led by The Higher Divine Self that is within you, then you will return to being Nigers and no longer see being called the "N" word as offensive, but like I know it to be, who I am, an a compliment, because as the origin shows, to be called Nigg-er, is to be called "Black God".

    E. Lee Sullivan is a freelance writer, poet, web columnist, self-published author residing in Atlanta, GA contact Lee at [email protected].
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