Black People : Please buy you some gold!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jan 15, 2008
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    and I don't mean jewelry,
    Iread alot of conspiracy books around 1996 and made a promise to myself I would buy an ounce a month when the millenium hit.
    Then it was 356 when i started buying it.
    My point is when this here stock market crashes, there will be no bounce back, like there was in the 30s.
    They bounced back due to manufacturing, there is practically nothing you and I am wearing, have in our homes, even the key boards we bang on to communicate with one another that is made in this country, so what is the market based on, hedge funds?
    Buy whatever gold or silver you can afford cause it is going to get real ugly in the next 4 years, and I 'm not bugging but see if you or you and your family can get a little piece ofland, (backyard is ok) to grow somethings for yourself and can, freeze or dry.
    and you still have the right to purchase a legal firearm!!!!!!!!!:time: