Black Relationships : Playing Games, Straight up!

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by legit-writer, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Why is it when you are busy, your partner calls "(chases)" and tell you they miss you and all this other bullcorn? Yet when you are finally available to your partner (having your attention)they take it for granted or act like they don't want to talk, and they don't have time for you? I mean isn't that backwards to you?

    I heard about if a person becomes too "common" or too available, then they are no longer special to their partner... is this true? If so, explain how.

    I mean seriously, why do we do this and what are we hoping to accomplish? I feel it's some stupid game we play. How can set it to where we can make time for our partners, but by the same token not giving up our interests, hobbies, career, etc.

    From my experience, I have seen this too many time where boy meets girl, he "chasing" her and once he's "got her" all of a sudden he is too darn busy for her and then things just go down hill from there..What do you think about this... Spill it!