Black Poetry : Played Again


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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
Played again seems I just can't win
f****** around with you, My King
Afreekan Men

Razor Sharp S*** cut my heart
Making M.E. believe you were true from the start

Came to M.E. all needy and S***, seeking to tap into my gifts
Of Giving, Nurturing, Caring

You were ole so bold and daring
Slinging dat S***
Then I found out, you didn't even know to ride this t**

A B*&^h in the bed, now I'm seeing Red
Cause I wanna just
Bust ya a&& upside da head

After all I did, After all I gave
Your pimp a&& need to end up in a early grave

Turned my heart out, then kicked it all about
And got the nerve to flip it
Telling M.E, it's you who ought to pout

Cause the white man hit you the hardest
and I wasn't really the smartest
Saying he twisted my mind
And I turned on you at the drop of a dime

That what you really needed
Was a chance toooo

Simply be IT...

in my life


And in the great hereafter is where my reward would be found

So I opened my door
Knowing all the while that at your core
You would treat me like some whore
leave my crying on the floor
then walk right out the door
with your belly full
Your sense of self restrored
Got your head on straight
Chalkin my loss up to fate

Dang, I woke up to late
Now I'm left with all this hate....

of Myself
Thinking it was really M.E.
who was born in sin


Who deserved to get

Played Again:em18:
i've got to pigback on mys sis watz. you laid this out realy well. made a sista have a flasback. definitely stood in thoses shoes a time or two myself and can say id they will reap what they sow but you keep being hood. your adam is on his way and he will appreciate ou like his missing rib
Thank you Both for your replies!

Sis Watz...I am always impressed with your ability to see the heart in every poem you reply to and those you pen. Thank you again for teaching M.E. what it means to Be a "Poetess" :bowdown:

Sis asimplepoet...girl, these days I'm straight thinking and accepting what appears to be my "fate". If it happens, Great, if Not....Oh Well the Creator had something else for M.E. in my last days. I'ma just try and DO like my mother suggested some time ago when one comes along all hurt and broke down..."Take him to his mommy"!

listen poet don't hate on YOURSELF

errybody needs love

sometimes we look for it in all the wrong places

what goes around comes around those people will get theirs

and no you didn't and don't deserve to get played again

remember you of all people know

we are dealing with a psychotic mindset


good to see you


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