Black Poetry : Place rhymes in the internet chase minds eat dinner and yet to have steak, get quicker friction from a particular position, see a girl with a brown bu


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May 11, 2006
Place rhymes in the internet
chase minds eat dinner and yet
to have steak, get quicker friction
from a particular position,
he see a girl with a brown butt
turned and put down his cup
soft music turned the sound up
no flaw in his lyrical
this is raw material
HE SAID: boo its hot in here
and its not clear
as to why?”
“PLAYER I got true pie”
oh gosh he wanna try
a piece? And that's no lie
but now she think not
even though it's pink a lot
her thing soft and wet for a party gee
and like OFF SET and CARDI B
boys will do anything for clout
her breasts hot today
so its best she stay away
Sex is leisure
could be a complex procedure
so her thighs are crossed
one boy said her pies are boss
they was kissing to vibes her mind lost
oh he jest told her he can jump on top
and pump it a lot
at the same time slam-dunk her hot
panties like a basketball
wow gonna get wet and drastic yall
he jest kiss her lips in the store
oh her pudding was hot
she jest couldn't shop
after that she was stuck
between the fruits and meat
“boo you cute and sweet”
his head no doubt trapped
need to spread out a map
her lips red he jest snapped
and got her tongue talked crap
must stop moving her coo chee
she's proving the lips are juicy
gonna make him break the back seat
getting cake to an exact beat”
and really the love facts heat
up, this could be very phony
but not a ceremony
think he wanna ride my pony
like GENUWINE it could get stony”
“LOOK BOO I see cake
can create
of scrimmages
on a boy's mind
which could annoy sometime
this is Black Hip Hop in
“I go to the bar with class
but jest saw a car crash”
no **** romance
in an ambulance
a siren went off in advance”
she jest fear her luck
her ear are struck
with love words dress not up
it's pulled down, oh a brown
Soul Sista go through a lot
a kiss attack always like this
whatever the cost
boys are never lost
not clever to take her panties off
on the streets alarm
but keep from harm
he wanna meet on a farm
take her for a hayride
and then lay beside
her body try got some
there's a stranger in town
express anger with a frown
sex her breasts no danger found
a chick, and he want some
on her legs are cream and lotion
will set a sex machine in motion
then issue love in extreme potions
she's convince most
and like fence post
her words set in cement
and be wet frequent
one boy tried to get it recent
but she duck her head
and therefore no luck in bed
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May 11, 2006
My brain contain rhymes
that explain minds
and the flames sometime
are hot boo in the car they're not
consider how bitter it would be
if the folk in the hood see
this here HIPHOP he should be
a king,
she wear her skirt softly
under it is dessert and coffee
oh she flirt chocolate toffee
she's a Yellow Soul Sista
flow quotes for survival
that'll provoke the rivals
this be part
of the remark
to stir action
but prefer satisfaction
live surprised boo
and that give rise to
a love affair recognize the true
his luck soar
in a corrupt store
wanna kiss her yellow lips
and take mellow sips
of wine the sugar drips
from her body
he prefer a party
tonight at HARDEE

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