Black People Politics : "Pity the sad legacy of Barack Obama" : Cornel West


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Apr 7, 2013
I think that the Obama American Jobs Act was a heroic plan to do something about putting Americans to work. I see he gave it some real thinking and effort to do something. The plan was the only answer that a Federal government could do. It's all he had to work with.

Raise the debt ceiling - more debt.
Federal hiring for infrastructures, cost 50 billion.
Extend taxes on highway funds, extending construction -- jobs.
Extend unemployment insurance. Tax credit for long term unemployment.
Spend 62 billion for a Back to Work Program

The price of American Jobs Act added up to federal funding of $200,000 per job.
Dem Joe Manchin said "$450 billion in spending after we have spent, spent spent."
Dem DE Fazio said "Tax breaks don't work."

Then a citizen billionaire business man came in with multiple manufacturing companies to stay in the U.S. with building their companies and the jobs that go with them for for tens of thousands of people which did not cost the government anything. This he did while only the President Elect, not even President yet.

How did he do that? Because he is a world business man and this is his area of Expertise. Business.


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Sep 12, 2009
Sure, Reverend Owen, Burgess Owen (football) said that "some of the leaders live in the past. It's not good for the race. Leaders either remain moving forward or they're not leaders." Ben Carson and Steve Harvey are stepping up to do something. Dr. King's son the 3rd, said he's coming in to work on poverty through Trump's office. There have been many who have been invited and made their way up to talk to the President elect and reported that that the results were good, that they are connecting up for results.
Non you've name are "political" let alone "political leaders". Keep digging.

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
I think God has blessed you with something special -- How beautiful to God is the peacemaker among his humanity.

Wow! Thank you so very much. You are precious.

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