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Feb 3, 2001
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Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, which the Sun transits during the last month of winter, from about February 19th to about March 20th. The symbol for this sign is The Fish; its polarity is negative; its element is water; its quality is mutable; its ruling planet is Neptune; its co-ruler is Jupiter; and on the human anatomy Pisces rules the feet...

In Pisces the emotionality of water, the impressionability of mutability, and the mysterious influence of the planet Neptune combine to produce a creative, mystical individual who seems not quite of this world (i.e., a “fish out of water”). The two fish of the Piscean symbol are swimming in opposite directions while fastened together; duality compounded by ambivalence...

Ever conscious that they are half body and half spirit, Pisceans – who include not only Sun-sign Pisceans, but all in whose horoscopes the sign is emphasized – are pulled this way and that, never exactly sure of where they’re headed, but vaguely sensing that this world is not their home...

The image of the sea provides a clue to the elusive Pisces personality. Just as all streams, rivers, and separate bodies of water must ultimately flow into the sea, Pisces people long to merge their being with another’s, or lose themselves totally in mystical communion with God...

Poets and dreamers, they relate to the ideal more easily than the real. They may try to make the world come closer to their vision through dedicated service; they may express their profound dreams through art, music (which is natural law to all Pisceans), or the theatre; or they may choose to retreat into meditation and solitude...

Pisces children are, of all others, the most addicted to make-believe and magic, and will prolong the delightful fantasies of childhood as long as they possibly can. They also have a profound love and understanding of music (which seems to strike a sympathetic chord from birth), and it will be a source of comfort and joy throughout their lives. If they suffer more than other children do from the pettiness of life, they also have a greater capacity for laughter and pleasure...

Pisceans’ ready sympathy, innocent credulity, and instinctive tendency to see the best in people usually brings them some difficult lessons before they learn to stand up for themselves and be more discriminating in their choice of companions. For most Pisceans learning to say “no” is a lifelong lesson, for their instinct is to trust without question and to give without thought of reward. These traits are the root of their religious depth, but they do not always make for comfortable personal relationships...

Yet the “suffering” and “self-undoing” sometimes associated with this sign are by no means inevitable. Pisceans can do anything once they learn to take responsibility for their lives. For, as the last sign of the zodiac, the Piscean potential for spiritual evolution is unlimited...

At their best Pisceans are capable of being “in the world but not of it,” combining a profound understanding of the materia1 world with an inspired vision of ultimate reality; and a clear perception of time with an ecstatic experience of eternity...

In love matters the Pisces idealism and self-effacement can lead to some curious partnerships. They may be drawn to those who are handicapped in some way; or, on the other hand, they may seek a solid support for their own delicate nature. Pisceans make highly erotic partners and devoted parents...

Their most compatible signs are: Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio; Aries, Libra, Leo and Aquarius are neutral; Gemini and Sagittarius are apt to be difficult. With another Pisces there may be a deep psychic bond, and with Virgo, their polar opposite and complementary sign, there will be both attraction and tension. But ultimately the question of compatibility can be answered only by the careful comparison of both horoscopes.

In work, Pisceans will seldom be motivated by a desire for money or fame. However, they often achieve both, especially in the arts, the theatre, poetry, music or dance. Although basically shy, their love of illusion and their ability to get inside the personalities of other people sometimes draw them to the stage or cinema...

Their openness to other levels of reality makes them temperamentally suited to mediumship, psychic healing, and the ministry. In hospitals, prisons, and social reform they can find a constructive outlet for their spirit of self-sacrifice. Their theoretical intelligence and universal perspective lend them to philosophy, astronomy, mathematics and physics.

Pisces also has an affinity for professions involving the sea, liquids (especially wine and oil), chemicals or plastics, all of which are ruled by Neptune. The colors of Pisces are dark red, violet, maroon and sea green; its birthstones are the jade and the sardonx, and its day of the week is Thursday, which is ruled by its co-ruler Jupiter...

The following are some prominent African-Americans born under the sign Pisces:

Eryka Badu, Charles Barkley, Harry Belafonte, Irene Cara, Nat "King" Cole, Fats Domino, W.E.B. DuBois, Julius Erving, Ralph Ellison, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Dexter Gordon, Jasmine Guy, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Marlon Jackson, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, Barbara Jordan, Queen Latifah, Spike Lee, Haki Madhubuti, Miriam Makeba, Robert Mugabe, Shaquille O'Neal, Sidney Poitier, Ishmael Reed, former Ohio Cong. Louis Stokes, Nina Simone, Willie Stargell, Lynn Swann, Cecil Taylor, Vanessa Williams, Mary Wilson, Nancy Wilson, and Andrew Young...


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Feb 3, 2001
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African-Americans are closely associated to the signs Cancer - due to our African origins - and Pisces. Cancer, the sign of birth, rules tribes and closely-knit family groups. It also denotes a very sensitive and emotional people...

Pisces is the sign of service - of taking on the burdens of others and losing one's sense of individuality as a result. Pisces is also the sign of redemption through suffering; the sign of musical inspiration, dance, and the theatre arts...

Pisces is the sign of tremendous faith, while Cancer is the sign of the soul...

The relationship between the signs Cancer and Pisces is very strong in the astrological lineage of Black people the world over, therefore all people with African ancestral roots are under the signs Cancer and Pisces...


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Feb 3, 2001
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Pisceans On The Internet...

Pisces, which is a water sign, does not take to the Internet as quickly as the air and fire signs. After all, cool and detached cyberspace does not offer Pisces the sensuality in an emotionally warm environment that he/she wants...

The Internet does seduce Pisceans by appealing to their need to escape into the world of imagination, and their need to be alone. And there are lots of different directions for The Fish to swim in! They must be careful, however, or they will become a part of those famous "Net-addict" statistics! Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, rules photography and film, and there is a lot about the Internet that is an extension of these art forms...

The Internet does offer the Piscean a creative medium that can allow the Fish to create their own write literature or songs (music is their first love) that express their unique but natural spirituality. Once Pisces' initial shyness passes, this sign can find like-minded individuals through chatrooms...

Here are some websites that are conducive to the Piscean nature:


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Mar 31, 2001
Aqil --- Yooo,

I was moved when i read about the general pisces ways in
this column last week but i didn't really reply until now

#1. cuz it was kinda scary how accurate this is

#2 cuz i wanted to really check this out

In my group of friends - there is a virgo female.
We hate each other.
She's my cuzinz girlfriend, and when we all ran
a poetry night 2gether - she was my subordinate
and still managed to rattle me.

I sometimes even dream about how agitated she makes
me and i wake up mad.

It's evident that we are opposites - she feels i'm too dreamy,
I think she's far too logical ( it's like she has no heart at all ,
even my cuz - an aries - has said that ).

We generally get along, but her constant subliminal
swipes at me leave me scarred very often.

How can i put up a wall against her so her cynicism won't
hurt ?

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