Black Astrology : Pisces IN LOVE..... with Aquarius

batgyrl...please share your story. I would love to hear it. I too am air (Libra) completely in love with water (Pisces). In my typical Libra style though, I'm a firm believer that not all storms are destructive. And since ALL relationships are bound to go through some storms, what better two people to weather through them than a Libran and a Piscean. Just my personal My relationship with my Pisces man has been the best I've ever experienced. I've been with Arian, Gemini, Scorpion and Acquarian...I'm sticking with my Piscean. I love their sensitive, gentle and romantic side. Ours is not always smooth sailing, but our storms are the magic that draw us closer together and not force us apart. Congratulations on such a blessed union and I hope your journey together is filled with cloudless skies and calm waters!
NNQUEEN thank you so much and I feel the same. Here is my story.

I lived in Maryland since I was 9. In the sixth grade I had a best friend named Jennifer. She was madly in LUST with a eight grader named Chris Knight. Now I was the tom boy type, you know, was more interested in fighting boys than kissing them. But anyways, she use to sit up and talk about this guy every day in class, drove me crazy!! I asked her constantly why she never just told him. I mean I know he is like the most popular guy in school and he is an 8th grader, but you have about as good chance as anyone. Well she never did, so one day after hours of "did he look at me's" I wrote him a letter, it had a poem enclosed that said "If you look into my heart, and see the love thats there, then turn it into money, you'd be a millionaire." I signed it LOVE, Jennifer ( hey I was only a kid). I decided to give the letter to one of my 8th grade "friends" to give to him, and I specifically said, "don't let his girlfriend see it". Well what do you know, On our way to lunch ( me and jennifer), we see a group of at least 6 8th grade females coming right towards us ( looking madd as hell). Needless to say one was Mr. Knight's girlfriend who had gotten hold of the letter before he could read it. Jennifer had NO idea what was going on when the girld walks up to her and says "I am gonna kick your ***" She (jennifer) looked like she was going to faint. I told them I wrote the letter and if they had a problem with anyone it should be me. She said (his GF) if she ever saw another letter go to him she would kick my *** up and down the 8th grade hallway. She walked away and as I turned smiling to Jennifer, she burst out in tears. Hey that was the last time I tried to play cupid. Well 6 months after I graduated from HS I moved to ATLANTA GA. I missed GO-GO (dc music). and I heard one of the DC bands was coming to perform. so me and my girls went to the spot where the band was. I saw this fine brother, that look familiar. I tried to think hard but i could place his face. So i walked up to him and said, I know you from somewhere. He smiled and said he didn't know where. I said aiight and walked away. Well I saw him like 3 times after that at other DC events. The last time he asked me for my # ( I was hoping that he would) and we talked on the phone. I asked him his name CHRIS and then his last name KNIGHT. I almost past out. I told him about the letter, and remembered it. We lived around the same way all our lives and never hung out. And I feel that poem now!!!! If he looked into my heart and saw the love that is there and turn it into money, he would be a millionaire.



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