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I said that Pisces and Scorpio would be a washout because affectionate, sympathetic Pisces will seem very shallow to the intense Scorpion, who values – above all else – in-depth relationships....


I have to say that I disagree with this. As a Scorpio myself, I've learned that Pisces and Scorps are among the best couplings in the Zodiac. Also, many sites and writings confirm this as well:

Scorpio + Pisces

Water + Water = Deluge

Scorpio with Pisces is one of those special, if not magical, unions that most of us only dream of. This is a combination of powerful but sensitive emotional energies, and can produce an overwhelming amount of uninhibited passion and love.

The love and attachment you’re looking for will be manifested beautifully by the Sun sign of Scorpio connection with the Sun sign of Pisces. This is a very karmic connection.

As far as combinations of Sun signs are concerned, Pisces is probably the one most perfectly suited to Scorpio. Pisces understands your complex personality intuitively and knows just how to touch you in body, mind and spirit. When Pisces works its way into your Scorpio psyche, you’ll probably fall head over heels in love. And fall hard you will!

For Pisces, you seem to have a wizard’s touch — you can pull them back from that spiritual realm they can get so absorbed in. They often seem to be floating on Cloud Nine, in a world of their own. Your practical approach is just what they need. You can ground them, and tune their intuitive powers to that special emotional attachment with you.

When Pisces and Scorpio fall for each other, Scorpio is often able to soothe the emotional storms of Pisces’ inner life and help them put aside their conflicts or mental pain. Pisces will be good at using their compassion to manage your intense and sometimes sarcastic approach.

If as a Scorpio you are a tormented soul and seek love and understanding in your life, then have no doubt about it, Pisces is just what you’re looking for. This is possibly why even when Elizabeth divorced Richard, and remarried several times, she ultimately went back to him time and time again. Both of them publicly admitted their undying love for each other.

You’ll experience strong love and a lot of sensual satisfaction with Pisces born between 19 February and 28/29 February. They are double Pisces, and their compassionate and idealistic personalities will soothe your soul.

The karmic connection is especially strong with Pisces born between 1 March and 10 March. Cancer and the Moon have a ton of influence on these people. You could learn a lot about your emotional self with these Pisces.

Extremes in passion occur when Scorpio connects with Pisces born between 11 March and 20 March, because these people also have strong Scorpio tendencies. This is a very powerful, but also at times tumultuous, combination.
i've had long term super hot relationship with the fishes......



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