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Feb 3, 2001
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You are very sensual, loving and affectionate. Sexual expression is very important to you. You are shy, sensitive, and essentially reserved, though you sometimes experience wild moods of unrestrained gaiety...

You are best mated only to the earth signs. Taurus would be an excellent choice, for both of you are sexually attractive and the Taurus personality would help stabilize your deep emotions. Capricorn is also very passionate, and the conservative nature of this cardinal earth sign would help bridle your propensity toward self-sacrifice. The ambitious nature of The Goat would compel you to realize your full potential. Virgo also shares your sensuality, but it is the nature of The Virgin to find fault, and your ego may be weakened by so much criticism. Therefore, the natural affinity of earth and water would be best expressed in the selection of either a Taurus or Capricorn mate...

Avoid any union with one of the fire signs. Aries will insist upon dominating you, and, though you try hard to please, you are no match for the combative Arian. You would dampen Leo’s magnanimous ardor, and Sagittarius would be a challenge to your cherished serenity...

And forget ever mating with the air signs. Such a union could only be transitory and unsatisfactory. Gemini would find you indolent and nonintellectual; Libra would use you to fan the flames of jealousy in someone else; and with the nonsexual Aquarian you would have nothing to hold the relationship together...

A relationship with another Piscean or the other water signs is also inadvisable. The unstable, moody and changeable nature of Cancer is too close for mutual comfort. A union with Scorpio would be a total washout. And with another Pisces there would be too much poetry and too little practicality. In other words, too much water and someone will drown!...


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Jan 29, 2001

I'm interested in knowing about my own sign, Aries. I find astrology fascinating, and even relevant sometimes. Thank you in advance.


Feb 16, 2001
I agree with alyce... My knowledge of astrology is limited but the little i do know about my sign is representative. Can you tell me more, i am Gemini ... I'm also interested in my in/compatibility with my spouse who is a Cancer. Tks>


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Jun 25, 2001
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Not exactly true

Peace Aquil,

I find your text on the signs extremely interesting, and some of it very true but I find the statement about a relationship between the Pisces and Scorpio would be a total washout to be untrue. Other astrological research of mine shows that the Pisces-Scorpio combination is the basis for a well balanced, beneficial, and solid relationship--darn near wedding bells. I suppose that there are varying views of the sign combinations, but I just felt the need to state this.


Nia Maishani

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Nov 22, 2001
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A Piscean Thank You

Aqil, I greatly appreciate this overview for my Zodiac sign as it relates to proper and improper pairing, and I thank you for sharing it. I found it to be starkly on point, but have a couple of questions about it. I too would like more of an elaboration on the Pisces-Scorpio combination, and your advising against it. I ask this not because I am paired with Scorpio or have been, but because the statement related to that particular pairing was vague. Secondly, based on my recollection of the personalities of three Aquarians I know, they seem to be the exact opposite of "nonsexual"; could you please clarify that also? Third, is Aquarius not the water-bearer? How is Aquarius categorized as an air sign? Finally, I expecially appreciate what was stated about Pisces-Pisces pairing (I can so fully relate) and Pisces-Gemini (can relate here fully as well). I now overstand precisely why I did not wish to continue with Leo. Thank you again, and I hope you will respond.

P.S....I LOVE Tauruses and have experienced unrequited (infatuation) with Virgo.
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