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Mar 19, 2001
the MACk ain't got **** on
...you know Goldie the MACK ain't
got **** on the pimps that run
the world....you know the
United States of America
...you know the pimps that run
this Western CON-try
pimped the world into
thinking the American dollar
is SUPERIOR to other worldly currency
ain't that deep....
your dollar don't mean a **** thing
up against the green
portraits of dead presidents
some slaveowners who pimped
the minds of Africans...
through guns and
conniving tactics that
left us in a shambles / look at
us now Prostitutes to who...
slaveowners and racist
printed on greenbacks that
lack the LOVE for melanin
but we endear this "top of the" heirarchy
of currency....hoes on the
corner....Little Jack Horner sat on the
corner listening to Cash Money Milionaires
bouncing in the corner cause he
called his mother a **********...
pimped out of common sense suits
creating signing CON-tracts hiding
behind CONstitutional rights to
make money off of our
demented mental plight that would
rather disrespect the QUEEN than fight "the man"
MONEY CURRENCY pacifies dulls the
spirit of the warrior and the world...
the biggest pimps in the world are
the propaganda pushers
here in this CONtry...
don't be a hoe.

(c)2001 blakverb
Ohhh Blak

I am mos def feeling this piece. The masses in this country do let them selves be screwed over socially and psychologically--and so often in the name of money! Welath & Economy is the God of this country, and people lay back and keep taking the sh*t all for the green. You spoke truth when you wrote this. I have a similar piece entitled "My God Is". Don't make me post it now---lol---got me feeling this forreal!



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