Black Poetry : Pimpin' (got a lil cocky on this one)


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Apr 26, 2003
Home is where the heart is, but my heart isn't her
I dont gotta keep the ladies laced
for them to chase me @ a crazy pace
Maybe its my style or maybe its the baby face
There aint a girl in this world thats made me chase
the panties just so I can see the Sa-Tin Lace
Get it?
I got girls onthe east coast tellin me that I wet it
Ebony, Kandyce, Krystal, and Tiffany are the ones that said it
Check it
I got stick figures, girls with thick figures
tellin me they masterbate n rub their cl*t to my pictures
Shorty from ATL wanna see me so she's been savin up
Girlz back home say they miss me, but aint gave it up
I got straight girls around me straight changin up
They call me in the middle of the night
Becuz apparently their man aint workin the middle right
So I kiss it, lick it, and fiddle it like
They want it, I be on it - give em a little bite
Men hate me, broken hearts may fault me
Becuz I have women in their thirties that stalk me
It could be the attitude or the tats on the arm
Or maybe my face, but then again I have less freckles than charm
It could be the creativity that flows from my fingers
To make these women of different ages fall for my demeanor
Maybe its the trophies, awards, or the ribbons
that can explain why I have more women than years I've been livin'
Maybe they see my confidence n see Im not new to this
that makes me know more area codes than ludacris
I know names from A- Z
Maybe its my vocab or sh*t, maybe its me.
Love dat flow

Easy read for me I loved your bounce on that piece. It's so true about not having to chase the panties men n boys even have it made these days....
Ladies let guys chase you a little dey love to chase..... I got a guy calling me every other hour and it's a turn off but the one who calls me every day at 10:00 that's the one that's one I'm crazy about. Can't explain it....

Now Make It Bounce :welldone:


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