Black Poetry : Pillow, Pillow, Pillow Talk

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    By Andre Austin

    Pillow, Pillow, Pillow Talk
    Died holiy in their beds pretending to Walk

    Its the death song of the Pigeon a caged Blackbird
    When the day gets night the agent & the sleepy head exchange Words

    I’m like the peaceful yellow/mellow Canary but I sing the blues
    The Telegram has been cut so that U don’t get the bad news

    The United Snakes have many syringes of Venom
    To spread War propaganda or to extract a truth Serum

    To bring vocal their deaf Pillows will discharge secret deeds
    While eyes closed in their coffin beds

    Like a bird they will stooge and sing
    Overwriting the sounds of TV and radio from their Bed springs

    Not too much drugs will muffle and bring nothing but muttering
    You have been casted into a bed of suffering

    You tell it all, your lips write like a piece of black ink and white chalk
    Pillow, Pillow , Pillow you sing while you talk

    Satan is busy he always on the midnight creep
    Like Toni Braxton said she hears you “Talking in his Sleep”

    The Silver Star isn’t an emblem or amulet of protection
    When the masses of the people are under mind subjection

    The Fox changed his fur but not his evil nature from hell
    See the dead rivers of fish that stink, why don’t u wake up and smell

    The vigilante plot with the mind of a little boy, pretends he’s in Troy
    With a Wooden Camel he inserts a pig to blow up Black Ice cubes made into a Toy

    But we shall not loose the souls of 300 million
    Over a toy that already cost the USA a couple of Trillion

    Who hears and sees all with the electric eel snake wire
    To the Lions den they go bet against the Regulators & the Militia You Backfire

    So U say U want to kill THE FIVE that favor just the Rich
    While the masses struggle in their commerce ditch

    And that’s whats up
    To the 1% of the oligarch: “The world isn’t enough”

    Then you go to college ain’t getting the knowledge just feasting of the debt plate
    Its just one of many gimmicks to get your indentured servitude to the State

    Now you thinking you a MAN and U just don’t understand
    Constantine updated Edicts or his Master Plan to kill U if you don’t serve on his land

    And don’t tell me U ignorant of all the Popish plots
    Eugenics by remote control, the Drone killers & The scabs of the Robots

    I see no father on the hill only the evil of Pastoralism
    I only see serfdom through the economics of Feudalism

    No 9 months of your birth, Abortions kills 50% so U have no labor
    Corporations wants a streaming border for low wages they favor

    Who shot you down who stole your JOB
    The International Bankers & The Union corrupted by the MOB

    Then you join the Army trying to be what U can Be
    As you got older your eyes opened to See

    Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, its a plane and U thought you was a stud
    Until your body got beat up in the War with a friendly Dud of a Scud

    Set it up so the homeless can’t own a Gun
    For the body snatchers come by night without the view of the Sun

    Trying to make a profit off of the body and organs
    Trying to get rich Like the J.P. Morgans

    Beware of the Eagle he has many friends with the Vipers
    These are your lesson plans, now go off and try to decipher