Black Poetry : Piece Of My Mind

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    Piece Of My Mind

    See no greater than the creator he works in mysterious ways
    prays use round numbers while clowns slumber in math for days
    In this universe tuna the worse it stink yet folks eat it with ********
    The character of America make the rich great which states slackers
    Get all the credit while the poor crawl pathetic and beg for food
    To be sincere it’s brisk and clear that the earth would disappear rude
    If it knew Ebonics are atomics yet it’s ironic as to why we don’t use
    It properly and eventually it will be stolen from us now there’s no excuse
    As to why we lost BIGGIE SMALLS AND 2PAC didn’t love our own
    True art a few in the dark HIPHOP need a new spark it’s becoming unknown
    Grown out of control, continues to have a bad taste on a sd pace it could
    Be replaced by something more bizarre and more inexplicable in the hood
    Dang sweaty from rapping this may already be happening to much dead wood
    Babbling on microphones my aim renowned like JAMES BROWN “talking loud
    And saying nothing” or “Say it Loud I’m Black and I’m proud but racism clouds
    My eyes like rainy skies yeah “when you white you right and when you black
    Git back have to be smoking some legit crack to say this is false and not fact
    Best live and learn and give a concern over what you see hell see wimps in Cadillacs
    Trying to be pimps and try afford shrimps and rice their attempts are nice
    Plot fell through, from wounds proceed bleeding need speed reading in this Mickey Mice
    Society that do a variety of witch hunts on black folks with whack hopes of a sacrifice
    Lunchtime drink punch and wine and realize that time is an illusion and I face
    Mind confusion, whatever a black man do is wrong with whites now a disgrace
    How their able to rob and steal and be over looked, crooks prevail and not chased