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Feb 28, 2001
How To Self-Publish That
Great Novel Without Going Nuts!
A Monthly Column for Aspiring Writers

It's Time To Pick Up the Pen
by Delores Thornton

You've gotten your book out there and you've done your promotion and marketing. A loyal readership has been established due to a successful book tour and an aggressive Internet presence.

Now it's time to work on your next title. Hopefully, you've kept up with your journaling; the creative juices only need minimal stirring. You might want to prepare an outline, then refer to your journals. It's a good idea to keep two journals. One for daily happenings and one dream journal. (You'd be amazed at all the plots you can glean from dreams.) Of equal importance is creating a folder for story ideas. When you're in public and you see and/or hear something humorous, or sad, jot it down. When you sharpen your writer's ears and eyes you'll have an abundance of material for your work.

After the ideas are on paper, find techniques to mold them into best sellers. Some books in print that will aid in this process are:

Self-Editing For Fiction Writers--by Renni Browne and Dave King
From HarperPerennial

These two professional editors share their knowledge and expertise on improving manuscripts.

On Writing Well--by William Zinsser
From HarperPerennial

This is an informal guide to writing nonfiction.

Freelance Writing For Magazines and Newspapers--by Marcia Yudkin
From Harper and Row

Some of the topics covered are:
A. how to avoid fiascos
B. maintaining credibility
C. recycling rejected material
D. sample queries and annotated articles

Try to join a writers' group that will critique your work, and offer feedback. But put on an extra layer of toughness and be prepared for negative as well as positive responses! Some helpful online groups include the following:

The Prolific Writers
Make sure you send a request to the list owner!

About the Author

Delores Thornton, an Indianapolis Indiana native, is a member of several writers' organizations including: International Women's Writing Guild, Black Writers On Tour and Indianapolis Writers' Center. Thornton started novel writing five years ago and has self-published two novels, and is finishing drafts for her third. A motivational speaker, she gives workshops and seminars. In addition, Thornton publishes the online and hardcover Marguerite Press Newsletter.
You can contact her via email at or visit her website at Marguerite Press

Jan 22, 2001
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Thank you Delores for sharing your knowledge here with us. Great reading in this article, looking forward to more! :wink:

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Feb 28, 2001

Hi Destee,
I'm so happy to be here--and I pray that I'll have something of value to post for aspiring writers! Peace, Delores.

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