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Jun 13, 2007

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psikeyhackr 23h ago

Now we have the eternal physics problem.

Analyze the straight down collapse of a 1360 ft skyscraper without even asking about the distribution of steel and the distribution of concrete down the structure?

Is this a joke?

Why is the Eiffel Tower shaped like that?
It is called exponential.

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Christine Quinn 1 hour ago

Well said. I am a licensed Architect who was working at a University in Maryland when this happened. I also had many EXPERIENCED structural and civil engineer friends. Together we had been involved in observing several CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS of high rise buildings. We all knew that this ”straight down collapse" could not have occurred as we were being told.

We also knew that WAFER THIN aluminum airplane wings could not cut through steel reinforced concrete they would have immediately sheared off.

After voicing my professional opinions for several weeks I was eventually FORMALLY told by University officials to stop, and basically TOE THE PARTY LINE.

That was a very disturbing experience,

and I'm sure MANY other architects and engineers throughout the United States were given the same instructions.


Thomas Truong 10h ago

@christine Quinn

You're not alone, ma'am.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I've read that Anthony Shaffer (ret Lt-Col) made himself some powerful foes in the intelligence circle and eventually stripped of his access clearance, for providing some info which became acceptable to the 9/11 Commission's official findings. He later co-authored a book, which was also censored (1 st edition entirely bought then destroyed by the Dept of Defense).


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