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emanuel goodman

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Jun 25, 2006
social worker
Why is that u get
The most pain.
Out of doing
What is divine
And true .
Sticking up for
Justice is only meant
For a chosen few. Who
Know the risk vs gain
Cannot be measured by the
Scales on the physical
Side. Whom recognize the
Cost for helping out those who might not be able to speak for themselves. The ulimate
Price awaits them all. Who dare to look the oppressores in the face and stand tall. Proclaming I am
Intitled to all the
Creators has left here for me. My spiritual
Ecasty is replaced by a physical pain that leaves
My heart beating hurting and I am thinking mane. Why does the expression of divine truth cause others to bring me physical pain.memories of wisr je sus malcom x dr king all in my brain.


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