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    LET ME TELL YOU A SHORT STORY. and my friends, yesterday,purchased a psychedelic drug. I already had my expirience with similar drugs but it was his first time. At first i was a little reluctant to do it but i ended up doing it anyway. After we took the drug, we went to a spot to chill and we waited for it to kick in. We were at this spot for a good hour and it still didnt kcik in. We were told that it will take an hour to an hour and 30 minutes. After that hour at that spot we left to go back to the dude that sold it to us and started to complain that it did not work. He insisted taht it will kcik in and to jsut wait for it. So we contue waiting while watching them skate for allittle. They eventually live to go to a show. Meanwhile me and my friend are still not trippin yet. so we hit up one of our peoples to go chill with them and when we get there they are leaving to go to a party. iwe end up following him to this party and it seems like they didnt know where they were going because they made to mistakes resulting in two U-turns. So we finally get there. Im not that happy because of my wasted gas on two U-turns that never had to be made, but then relieved because we finally got there.( Its been about 2 hours now and still nothing has kick in.) I get out of the car with my friend and we aproach the house only to find that it is a little 10 year old white kids house who is holding this party(this so called party). This little kid was drinking a beer(Yes i know, a beer. what the devil) so after we stand outside the house to conversate with folks we go to go inside. As i walk in the front door there is a Grown tail man chillin on the couch with all these people in the house. im like WHAT??. It turns out the kids dad is home and apparently he doesnt care. So we walk to his room that already is full of people in this little room. And we come to find out that that not a party its just a bunch of grimlins with sticks in their hands and wild hair huddled around one person in the room with all the weed waiting for their turn to recieve there long awaited hit. Me and my friend were like wtf, this is a total wate of our time. so we drive back to his house. And during that drive outside started to look kind of funny( kind of like i was starting to trip funny). The road started winding and moving. the trees began dancing and swaying back and forth, the white lines in the middle of the rd began to thicken then thin and morph. I was like no way. It actually working??? we get to his house and we take a hit of some tree adn then things really started going. The what i thought was solid earth resembled the ocean. So did the dry wall. Everything started to morph. we watched tv, we were watching Ja rules movie where hes a thug and hes killing people for this gang leader and in one part he killed a preacher then was getting with the preachers daughter. I realized somthing when i watched this and it blew my mind because i was trippin. I thought, why even portray our black men in situations like this. why are our movies like this. they arent influential at all. what affect does this have on black folks if were are constenly portrayed as this. I realized that movies like this are detrimental to our health. At one point when ja rule was about to kill the preacher an old women drove by an stopped and looked but kept going. Why didnt she call for help or gather the comunity to solve this problem so it doesnt happen again. It showed this lady driving past and basically ignoring the situation. It portrayed OUR elders not being involved in the young ones affairs. Who is writing our movies? why must we be portrayed in this way. I saw stuff liek this on commercials and other movies as well. This is horrible.Stuff like this is why other races in america have that view of us cus they watch the durn tv and just suck that all right up with out really knowing who we are. Thye sit down and soak all this in for years from childhood to adulthood. Thats why most of them are the way they are. After a while i realized taht i cant watch thigns like that while trippin and i should watch what i open my mind up to while im on this level of conciousness. I got up and sat at the computer and just stared into the desktop image on the computer. it was Autaumn trees with a walk path. i let my eyes relax and i looked deeper into this image. the screen began to melt and i saw skulls all over the screens hidden in the background. i saw charlie brown hidden in the trees. THEN, i went deeper. The screen turned into a 3D image. I saw Many Many Many 3D images popping out at me. I was like OMG is this a form or scrying. I instantly thoguht that i mgiht have been scrying using the computer screen. The phone rang. It was one of our friends wanting to come over and chill. i didnt really want him to beacuse he wasnt on our level and totally would not be able to relate at the moment. He was on his way over. I turned back to the comptuer to see more images. it was Amazing. Suddenly the phone rang. It was him he was at the door. I quickly turned back to the screen to see what it would show me about him. OMG. An Image apeard to me that was A BIG FAT WHITE MAN WITH A PACIFIER IN HIS MOUTH, NO SHIRT, AND IN DAIPERS. I WAS LIEK OMG. tHEN ANOTHER CAME. iT WAS A WHITE DEVEL WITH HORNS COMING OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF HIS HEAD LIKE A MOHAWK. i turned to look at him come inside the door. i said "was up" and so did he. he sat on the couch for a little then him and my friend went to the back yard to take more hits of some herb. befaore the stepped outside i felt kinda weird liek somthing was up. then i heard them talking. i didnt hear exact words but i knew what he was talkign about to my friend. He was trying to get me to drive him to the store to get a wrap and al that stuff. i really was not trying to go anywhere for someone who i know has alterior motives. So i didnt. and i didnt acknowlede the conversation they had either by going in the room to see them. i continued watching the screen. after about 10 minutes they came back inside. i went to the bathroom. I looked over to the mirror and i got caught in my reflection. My face would morph every which way. i saw symbols appear on my face. symbols that Ive never seen before and were foreign to me. i saw these symbols after i asked myself to reveal myself to me. i finally came out of the bathroom after what felt like 20 minutes. and i sat down. His friend was coughing unbelieveabley loud and it was 2 in the morning and his mom was sleep upstairs. my friend told him to leave, luckily. He needed to go anyway.
    Now I am convinced that these psychedelic drugs are a way to put you in a state of constant trance and to bring you to a higher level for a short period of time. Has anyone ever had an experience such as this with our without the use of psychedelics?? If so please share. How do i reach these level without the phychedelic. It would be great if i could tap into this all the time.