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Discussion in 'Khasm13' started by Khasm13, May 19, 2009.

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    trust me...i tried to hold this in
    must be because i think of everyone on this site as kin
    and i'm not perfect so i really don't want to hear that argument again
    but fake @ss nuccaz aren't worth the skin they are fittin in
    would i ever jeopardize my credentials for someone else lines
    just to get up in ur mentals? bite someone elses shine like beans of lentil?
    nope...thas why u r a joke...i don't drink coke and u don't have me smilin
    i'm pissed ur from the crib with ur vickin @ss stylings...
    wildin out just for some extra clout....
    aren't u so lame with poetry that will never sustain
    someone with real brains...u might get a couple love hungry groupies
    that remind u of ur glory days like hoop dreams
    but im here to let u know u got that unintelligible flow like snoopy
    talkin to woodstock...research from trin helped me blow up the block
    u probably thought i was runnin a coup...tryin to take ur spot
    nope...that spot u got is plastic
    just like ur decrepit poems that belong in a casket
    or better yet....wet buried in a pissy @ss basket
    this is called verbal gymnastics...and thas y it belongs in get ur flow on
    but u would know nothin bout flow would u...
    with lyrics sounding like country @ss love songs
    from 1913....***** u think i'm green?
    and believe that crock u said...
    u lucky i'm not like dss or else i'd pop some lead
    why u bite? u loosing some steam...
    loosing fans who u usta cream?
    uz a fake like the portrayal of idi admin....
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    The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
    StreetNationEarth: Seattle
    let the battle begin!! ... but it should have been in the "gloves off" thread, eh? as has been ok'd from "on high" get on over there and duke it out; keep it clean(er), keep it real; let it flow (some more!!).

    excellent piece of directing your feelings into flow!! :clap: :clap:

    (on the other hand; <whew!> y'all off ... well, just "off" .. these days. what y'all fightin about (not just these two - sorry minor "hijack" going on here) and why is so much poppin off all at once? have we started another "long hot summer" already? (it just did get up over seventy for two days in a row and we almost made it through a week without rain.) bring back the Peace!!)
  3. Destee

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    betwixt and between
    Brother Khasm ... i'm closing this thread ... and please know, the only reason you're not being suspended / banned like the others who continue to feed this negativity here ... the only reason you have not been suspended / banned like them ... is because i can't forget your first email to me. I can't forget all we have shared, and i can't believe you are willing to disrespect this community ... call Members MF's and tell a Sister to eat dyck or suck it or something ... here, in this place ... that has never done you any wrong ... you are doing these things ... continuing to feed the drama and negativity ... putting added burden, weight, and pressure on the very ones you call Family ... and say you love ... you ... i can't believe it ... and with everything else that is going on ... all those we've already had to suspend / ban, or will have to ... well ... to be honest ... we're overwhelmed.

    All of this from a Brother who has never broke the rules.

    Brother Khasm, you brought a complaint against Brother $$RICH$$ ... presented the evidence ... and he conceded, admitted his wrong, and apologized.

    Sister CherryBlossom brought a complaint against you ... presented the evidence ... and you told her to eat dyck,

    There's something wrong with that picture.

    Anyway ... as much as it pains me to say, this is an official warning Brother Khasm, and if you continue feeding the negativity ... you'll be suspended.

    This thread is closed.


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