Black People : Phone Carriers are eliminating 3G and your Phone, Home Alarm, Certain Medical devices etc... may not work well... it has begun!


Jul 2, 2003

I have a 3G phone. I need to upgrade to 5G by default. When 3G is turned off. My phone will not receive or be able to make calls anymore. It is happening and months from now, it will be front news.​

My phone is supposed to be 3G/4G but 4G is optioned by the carrier, and they aren't going to guarantee I will be able to make or receive phone calls after they shut these service generations down...​

So many services and millions of people, will be effected.​

Many don't know they are about to be forced to scramble and upgrade their earlier model, phones, alarm systems, electronic locks etc.​

This will play out in a tragic manner... ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and other carriers all want so much to sell 5G they are forcing this on people and the FCC is allowing it.​


As cell providers shut down 3G towers and remove it from the radio spectrum, the previously occupied bands (not to mention the physical infrastructure) can be reallocated to serve 5G networks. In the case of 3G, it's been operating across U.S. skies for nearly two decades by this point. In 2021, T-Mobile led the nation with an average 5G download speed of 87.5 megabits per second (Mbps) according to a study by Open Signal. 3G is generally capped around 2 Mbps. You can see why carriers are ready to leave it behind. And yes, 6G is already on the horizon.

AT&T will be shutting down its 3G services in February 2022, with Sprint's following in March and T-Mobile's in July. Verizon will hang on until December 31, at which point the sun will finally set on 3G in America.

Now, we already outlined a number of the connected vehicle services that automakers built on 3G networks over the last ten-plus years: everything from owner apps to emergency call services to in-nav functionalities to reporting telematics data back to the mothership. It's common knowledge that automotive tech lags normal consumer standards—your smartphone is good, but most infotainment systems are bad—but it's still kind of a shock to behold the whole list of affected cars that rely on 3G, which includes a lot of luxury cars from 2017-2019 and even some 2021 models.

Because 3G towers are being shut down, this means either shutting down these services, or switching over cars to run on newer cellular communication standards like 4G. For some cars, this means an over-the-air-update or a hardware swap at a dealership. For others, it's the end of the road for connected services. A few automakers have compiled public FAQs, listing affected models and services and their plans for managing the switch. Others have been not been responsive or open. After weeks of reaching out to every major automaker, The Drive compiled a list of every car that's going to be impacted by the sunsetting of the AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon 3G networks in 2022, with links to the official OEM pages listing which services will be discontinued or altered:

  • Acura: Link

    • MDX (2014-2017)
    • ILX (2016-2017)
    • RDX (2016-2017)
    • RDX (2019-2021)
    • RLX (2014-2016)
    • TLX (2015-2017)
    • NSX (2017)
  • Audi: Link

    • A3 e-Tron (2016-2018)
    • A4/Allroad (2013-2018)
    • A5 (2013-2018)
    • A6 (2012-2015)
    • A7 (2012-2015)
    • A8 (2012-2018)
    • RS 5 (2019)
    • Q3 (2015-2018)
    • Q5 (2013-2018)
    • Q7 (2012-2018)
  • Bentley

    • Certain models produced prior to 2020
  • BMW: Link

    • Certain models produced prior to 2019
  • Ford

    • C-MAX Energi (2014-2017)
    • Focus Electric (2016-2018)
    • Fusion Energi (2014-2020)
  • General Motors

  • Honda: Link

    • Accord (Touring trim, 2018-2020)
    • Odyssey (Touring and Elite trims, 2018-2020)
    • Insight (Touring trim, 2019-2020)
    • Passport (Touring and Elite trims, 2019-2021)
    • Pilot (Touring, Slite, and Black Edition trims, 2019-2022)
  • Lexus: Link

    • All Models (2010-2017)
    • GX (2018)
  • Lincoln

    • Continental (2017)
    • MKC (2015-2017)
    • MKX (2016-2017)
    • MKZ and MKZ Hybrid (2015-2017)
  • Mazda: Link

    • CX-3 (2016-2019)
    • CX-5 (2016-2020)
    • CX-9 (2016-2020)
    • Mazda3 (2016-2018)
    • Mazda6 (2016-2019)
  • Porsche: Link

    • 911 (2017-2019)
    • 918 Spyder (2014)
    • 718 (2017-2021)
    • Cayenne (2015-2019)
    • Macan (2017-2018)
    • Panamera (2014-2018)
  • Stellantis

    • Stellantis acknowledged that some models across its fleet will be affected, but it did not break down which specific vehicles across its various sub-brands of Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, and Ram.
  • Subaru: Link

    • Crosstrek (2016-2018)
    • Forester (2016-2018)
    • Legacy (2016-2018)
    • Impreza (2016-2018)
    • WRX (2017-2018)
    • WRX STI (2017-2018)
    • Outback (2016-2018)
  • Tesla*: Link

    • Model S (Built before June 2015)
  • Toyota: Link

    • 4Runner (2010-2019)
    • Avalon (2013-2018)
    • Camry (2013-2017)
    • Highlander (2014-2018)
    • Land Cruiser (2011-2017)
    • Mirai (2016-2017)
    • Prius (2010-2016)
    • Prius Plug-in (2012-2015)
    • Prius V (2012-2016)
    • RAV4 EV (2012-2014)
    • Sienna (2011-2017)
  • Volkswagen: Link

    • Atlas (2018-2019)
    • Arteon (2018-2019)
    • Beetle (2014-2019)
    • CC (2014-2018)
    • Eos (2014-2017)
    • Golf/Golf R/eGolf/Golf Sportwagen/Golf GTI (2014-2019)
    • Jetta (2014-2019)
    • Passat (2014-2019)
    • Tiguan (2014-2019)
  • Volvo: Link

    • S60 (2015.5-2018
    • V60 (2015.5-2018)
    • V60 Cross Country (2015.5-2018)
    • XC60 (2015.5-2017)
    • XC70 (2015.5-2016)
    • XC90 (2016)

The following automakers have told us that its U.S. vehicles are unaffected by the end of 3G:

  • Ferrari
  • McLaren
  • Mitsubishi

The following automakers did not provide information by publication time:

  • Bugatti
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Jaguar
  • Kia
  • Lamborghini
  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan
  • Rolls-Royce

3G networks are shutting down — and that’s bad news for your car. Here’s why​

Every major mobile carrier plans to shut down its 3G network this year, largely to free up mobile bandwidth for upcoming 5G network rollouts. First up is AT&T, which will shut down its 3G network on Feb. 22. If your smartphones and tablets were purchased within the past decade, they should have 4G capability, meaning they’ll likely be unaffected.

However, your car might be a different story.

As multiple auto blogs have pointed out recently, the 3G shutdown will affect dozens of vehicle models released anytime between 2010 and 2021. Some cars will lose the ability to update your location and traffic data while navigating. Others will become unable to connect with your smartphone, voice assistants or emergency call services.

Mobile Phone Firms Proceed With Plans to End 3G Service in 2022​

T-Mobile joins AT&T starting March 31; medical devices and alarm systems already affected​

by Edward C. Baig, AARP, Updated March 31, 2022

Some medical, home security devices on 3G​

Jettisoning 3G doesn’t affect just phones. Certain medical devices, tablets, smartwatches, in-car SOS services, Kindle readers, home security products and other devices also are dependent on 3G.
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