Black People : Philly Bus Shooting

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    Who have said to the ones seeing,” You must not see” and to the ones having visions “You must not envision for us any straightforward things. Speak to us smooth things; envision deceptive things.
    Isaiah 30:10

    I respect and love myself and my brothers and sisters.


    There were over fifty shootings in Newark, N.J. by July of this year. Nowhere in the so-called segregated South or any black community for that matter did such chaos exist in 1950. Just about everybody owned a gun and they slept with their doors unlocked. Then you had the so-called civil rights movement.


    Just who did the civil rights movement benefit? Before the 1965 civil rights act which culminated the so called civil rights movement certain white groups were shut out of mainstream society. Primarily they were women, people of a certain religion and people who practiced a certain sexual lifestyle. Look at the status of each of these groups today compared with the blacks. Very few of these white people are living in the free fire zones like blacks are today. Very few of these people are filling up the jails and unemployment lines. The typical victim of AIDs today is a heterosexual black woman. In fact, very few of the black people who benefited from so-called affirmative action and the civil rights movement were even born in this country. Figure that out.

    The individuals in this video have reduced the value and significance of black people’s lives, including their own, to that of cockroaches. You notice that this incident occurred in broad daylight with people and traffic moving by. You could be walking your child two blocks away and either or both of you killed by the automatic gunfire. This has happened. You can bet the rent that if any white person on that bus was killed the individuals involved would simply “disappear”. As long as these criminals continue to kill black people, terrorize and paralyze black communities they are a valuable commodity that is nurtured by the so called “prison industrial complex”. This lifestyle is glamorized by “rap”, “hip hop” and the stupid movies and shows that deluge the so called “black” media. All of which are designed to debase black people. The puppet masters behind this are very well paid indeed but the actual perpetrators are not getting half what they are worth for the damage they have done. For example, “Lil Wayne” is worth 500 million easy, untaxed, and should demand it.


    What existed in the South before the so-called civil rights movement must be restored. There have been over 200 shootings in Newark, N.J. by July of this year. No where in the so-called segregated South did chaos like that occur. Just about everybody owned a gun and people slept with their doors unlocked. We must lay claim to our National Territory as the Hispanics are reclaiming their territory in the Southwest and California.

    When the Hispanics reclaim their National Territory blacks are going to be driven from it. There are a substantial number of whites who agree with separation of the races. As the economy worsens and violence increases guess who’s going to be the scapegoat? The actions of the indoctrinated individuals in the above video will be used to justify reactionary extremism.

    Remember, Philadelphia was the scene of the MOVE massacre when the black mayor bombed the compound from the air incinerating everyone inside and burning down most of the surrounding neighborhood. The police told the MOVE people to come out and those who attempted to do so were shot dead. Twelve children were killed. The brainwashed thugs in the above video are courting a repetition of that episode only on a much greater scale.

    Paraphrasing Gibbon, capital punishment is necessary in a large and vicious society. In a truly civilized society the individual with the automatic, battlefield weapon in the above video would face that punishment.
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