Black People : Phil Valentine On Dr. Malachi Z. York

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    Phil Valentine On Dr. Malachi Z. York

    This brings up interesting questions as it relates to following people that later become deified into "Gods".
    This is not in reference to York, but in reference to how people can idolize and exalt men or women, while not listening to the message being "represented" <--- look at this word closely, will see something... esoteric levels and layers come from under-standing the energy within words and how to think about what one list-ens to.

    A thoughtful organizer can become a "Master Teacher".

    Men and women gather information from reading or observing, and then share it with others...

    What man or woman (some would use the lettering of "per-Sun") can claim to be the exclusive source of the information and energy they share?

    • Does a "God" read books?
    • Can man become a "God" by reading books?

    Consider these question, and consider them deeply

    These are not "religious" or "theological" questions per se, but more along the lines of research and understanding of information that has been and will be around from past, present, and future time.

    Note, this is also a slippery slope of dead-ending of sources, because even at the extent of checking and referring to source work, a dedicated person will not stop at the end, but follow as close to the source as possible. Within a source, lies another source... and in that source, another.

    This is why a "Master Teacher" is such, because they sift through the craziness of the material, and present it in a sane or understood delivery mechanism. What Phil refers to as "decoding".

    Here is where the problems come in from any practice of reasonings that direct attention to an exclusive source, and refer to it as a divine source. When that divine source is no longer sharing their emanations, the well soon dries up and the following of a message can turn into the following of a messenger if the followers are not adhering to the message and wisdom being shared.

    It is not always the teacher's fault that the hearers of certain information do not become listeners.
    But when it comes to tradition, the hearers typically outnumber those that do listen and retain and represent the information, possibly to build upon it without altering the spirit or nature within it.

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