Black People : Pheasants....

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    Pheasants and the word in survival

    Pheasants think survival and truly live like pheasants. Only Kings and Queens think co-exist through the doer in all. As survival is an art form for these God-childs and not some mind deconstructing "strategy" that continues to lead into nowhere. As the realm of continues to lower one into sub-zero... The mentality is better to kill (for) than to beg...the very one's who are knowingly watching you die. And why not kill the like minds of, when all that they feast on is death anyways? The spiritual realm in a parasite comes in (m)any form. Yet when broken down, two "mentalities" are very openly revealed, which are "master" and/or the same one slave. Transcend these mind-controlling boundaries instead into the King-Dome of balance to mind and thus co-exist through the doer of all instead. The very answer is the only question, which is are you centered of purposely thrown off balance? Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.