Omowale Jabali : Perspectives on "The Myth of White Supremacy"

Omowale Jabali

The Cosmic Journeyman
Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist
"This myth has arisen out of an underlying sense of European cultural inferiority to other civilisations, and out of the need to find noble and legitimate roots. 'Diddusionism' has now been effectively shelved. However, this leaves one further myth unexamined:where did ancient European culture derive from."
For the sake of discussion

omowalejabali said:
"Joseph Campbell reminded us how important myths are in shaping human culture and our own individual world views. Of course, mythology cannot be truly understood in the narrow way it is commonly (mis)used today. In contemporary popular lingo, a myth is an unnecessary falsification of reality.

But myths are much more than that. The psychologist and scholar Clyde Ford-in his fascinating book "The Hero with and African Face:Mythic Wisdom of Traditional Africa"-astutely observes that myths are actually narratives that attempt to communicate "unceasing truths".

Hypothetically you happen to be white, If you hold onto a myth (deeply ingrained) that has matured enough to have a recognizable influence on ME, in all of the realms of human/interpersonal experience, and after years of reacting to its fringe manifestations I develope a means of finding out the nucleus of where my adversity is coming from, would there be a problem with labeling that myth (That I realize YOU embrace) White Supremacy (Myself being other than that); especially (upon inquiry) you willfully identify yourself as being WHITE?


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