Black People : Personal empowerment=Black empowerment + Community empowerment

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    You know the saying is “if you can’t help yourself you can’t help anyone else”?. This is why it is so important to know yourself as much as possible your weaknesses and strengths. We all have work to do and time can get side tracked with all the things that are going on around us, many of us forget to love ourselves. There is a difference between being confident and arrogant, many of our people think that if a person feel good about themselves and take care of themselves that this is arrogance. It is also not being selfish if you tell a person No, many people try to make you feel guilty if you tell them No and try to label you as selfish. Many of us have a compassionate and giving spirit and I think because of this many of us have been taken advantage of. Many times we neglect the things that will empower and give us the strength that we need to deal with the many issues that face us on a daily bases, by doing this we take away something from ourselves.
    We know that life can come at us fast, at one moment we are taken care of by others like our parents, family members, teachers etc.. The next moment we are the ones doing the taking care of. In order for us to really make the progress that we seek as a people it is alright to love and empower yourself but not at the expense of belittling or degrading others in order to feed the ego. We all have the same 24 hours it is how we spend the time that we have that can make a difference. So as you go about your day it is all right to feel good about who you are, it is alright to reward yourself every once in a while, it is alright to take a vacation by yourself every now and then , it is all right to be alone with your thoughts. The only way we can really get to the next level as a people is that we have to empower ourselves in order to empower others. In other words there are two things that speaks louder than words action and money how loud are you.
    Personal empowerment=Black empowerment+ Community empowerment

    Peace and Prosperity

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    As a Christian, this principle rarely aplies to many Black Christians

    A knowledge of Self and Self empowerment has seemed to steer many Black Christians way from the general plight of the Black community localy, nationaly, or globaly, and has tended to make many materialistic rather then spritual, and taking the stand of their race only being a consequence of birth, and seeing a commitment to all Christians, with little or no concern for the race.
    This trend had started after the murder of Dr King, and escalated after the death of Adam Clayton Powell.