Black People : Persona Non Grata, Anyone Who Tells The Truth

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    Junious Ricardo Stanton

    Persona Non Grata, Anyone Who Tells The Truth

    "The national pastime in this country is not sex and it's not baseball. It's lying."-**** Gregory

    The other night I received a call from a young lady who identified herself as the new editor of Scoop USA a community newspaper I have contributed to weekly, without pay, for thirteen years. She said she liked my style, the content of my columns that she was going to publish a piece I had written on Bush's lies but that they (the paper) were going to go in another direction. She said they liked me telling what was going on in the world but they wanted to focus on what she called "call to action" type pieces. She said people were getting all riled up about what I was writing but they wanted pieces that offered solutions. She said they also needed to boost advertising and my columns might alienate potential advertisers. The next day I called the publisher who I knew fairly well and he verified what she said. Keep in mind this was a community paper that at one time was a bar or nightlife publication that over the years had, with my help transformed itself into a credible community newspaper. I can't take all the credit, when I first started writing for them they also had Mumia Abu Jamal and Del Jones the War Correspondent two real heavy hitters. Over the years the publisher droped both of them. It seems that in AmeriKKKa people who tell the truth or who refuse to go for the okie-doke become persona non grata. The irony is during the last week several people approached me to express appreciation for the column and offer encouragement. I guess they should have offered it to the publisher. Another paper I've written for for several years, The Black Suburban Journal stopped publishing my Op-Ed pieces. I guess they were too hot.

    Three years ago I was dropped by a black owned commercial talk radio station WHAT 1340 AM, after ten years of doing a program called Positively Black for free. I anticipated changes once the station changed ownership, but the reason they used to "fire" me was so lame it was pathetic. I resurfaced on the cutting edge medium of Internet radio on the Black World Today's talk channel. I was the most prolific producer on their Internet radio talk channel presenting interesting guests like Anthony Browder, Farai Chideya, Wayne Chandler, James Clingman to name a few. I did interviews and series of commentaries covering a wide range of issues from the indiscriminate prescription of retalin to black children, the co-opting and gobbling up of black media and health topics. For some reason the commentaries weren't posted that often. I suspect it was because of their content. Subsequently I was dropped from The Black World Today regular Website after having been a regular contributor for several years once their Internet radio station went into hiatus. I resurfaced producing and hosting an expanded Internet program on The Digital Underground. I 've had the pleasure of having people like Dr. Leonard Jefferies, Runoko Rashidi, Neely Fuller, Jamie Walker, Boyd Graves, **** Gregory, Dr. Nathan and Dr. Julia Hare as guests. I've kept writing and I've found new venues for my work none of which pays me which is fine with me because I'm not motivated by money. About three weeks ago the Webmaster of a Website I have been a regular contributor to for several months sent me an E-mail saying he appreciated my latest piece on the Iraqi War but he'd rather I had commented on Bush's Goree Island speech. I replied Bush didn't write that speech and I was more impressed with what people did, as opposed to what they said in speeches and photo ops. We E-mailed back and forth exchanging ideas but his subsequent E-mails became more and more antagonistic because I didn't agree with his philosophy. A week or so later I sent him a non- political, tame and harmless feature story as part of a general distribution of the piece, he declined to post it. I noticed he has cleared most of my archived postings from the Website except for a piece he asked me to write in conjunction for a project he was involved in.

    Following 9-11, I wrote a series of columns about how we were not being told the truth, examining AmeriKKKa's recent intrigues and its bloody incursions around the world. I was subsequently dropped as a contributing writer by the NNPA a trade association of over 200 "black" newspapers, after being one of their more popular writers for about five years. Dropping me was their prerogative however a few individual papers still carry the column. For every door that closes at least another window opens. I have had opportunities to contribute to several newspapers, E-groups and Websites that fearlessly keep African people abreast of the key issues confronting us during these times of universal deceit and fascism. If you are reading this it is probably on an E-group, newspapers like The Palm Beach Gazette or The Black Star or the more conscious Websites like or www.****************** I'll keep writing and doing my thing on the radio as long as there are sites and papers willing to publish me. If that fails perhaps I'll start my own. As Martin Luther King Jr said there comes a time when silence is betrayal. I will not betray the ancestors or our people!
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    Yes, silence IS a betrayal.