Black Poetry : Perplexed Emotions......its been awhile ya'll


Mar 20, 2007
intrigued intriguingly seductive
Subconsciously living or dreaming reality.....
I see... so muc.... potential in such a confined packaged
And I ponder....
Is she fate or was she destined to cross my path since my dna formed
From day one I knew there was connectiona dn now it's sealed
but does she feel the same?..... hmmm....
So many question plenty of feeling bundled inside
Do I love her?......
Yes,.....but does she feel the same?....
Mind going in circle... to and fro jsut tryin tofigure out wats next
WHat to say and what wil be the outcome of one's passion
There so much i wanna say but she draws me blank
I gotta stop now..... I can't write this
i feel so helpless, vulnerable captured with so much beauty
how can one ever settle for me?.....but she does
Everday constantly thinkin where? and what she doin
I love her.... i kno i do
but does she feel the same?....
Deep down she caresses me without knowin she's even there
She's apart of me intertwined with my soul incarcerated in my heart forever
see if she could only understand that i cant allow myself to love
cant let myself drift into her everlasting loving abyss
To let go of myself and dive into her arms, allowing them to shield every cell of my being
Makes me so vulnerable to her...but i cant let her know all pains me to see her reaching out to me trying to love this inadequate being of pain
i guess a part of me cant stop to think...
why could such a gorgeous, selfless, intellectual black woman be interested in
this fragile, inadequate, almost lifeless frame
i jus cant.... I'm trying....
But does she feel the same?


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