Perhaps a cure?????

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    Study: Sibling umbilical blood transplant cures sickle-cell kids

    Remember President Bush and his plan or controversy with stem cell research....

    He is setting up his BLOOD BANK of STEM CELLS....

    This is what the FUTURE of the NATION going to be but with all 'CURES' there is a DRAWBACK and it may SERIOUSLY AFFECT FEMALES more than MALES...

    Sexual function affected by stem cell transplant according to long-term study
    Females sexual reproduction is COMPROMISED meaning SHUT-DOWN.

    Due to SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION and ACTIVITY in this NATION we could see a GENERATION unable to PRODUCE PROGENY and it COULD SPREAD like a SEXUAL DISEASE since its CODED in the BLOOD.

    There are many DEVIANT ACTIVITIES that can make this SPREAD FAR and WIDE.

    We MUST UNDERSTAND BLOOD as I was saying before or we will ALL be FINISHED.

    I am going to WAIT and SEE but I hope what I am saying based on the ABOVE is not TRUE and I am glad that young people a YOUNG BOY can be SAVED by their SIBLING a young GIRL in the above case.

    Imagine that a GIRL saving a BOY or a WOMAN saving a MAN.

    But as you read the above article it focuses mainly on GREATER SOCIETY NEEDS and not that of actually SICKLE CELL ANEMIA.

    They just USED IT as a FRONT.