Black Poetry : " People's Choice Award for Best Picture "


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Mar 31, 2001
" People's Choice Award for Best Picture "

Maybe if I watch " Love Jones " enough times I'll be ready.

Maybe me & her taking eachother out
taking eachother's clothes off
taking time and 3 months later
...taking each other for granted....
maybe it won't be that way.

Maybe on day I'll learn to watch my mouth
instead of watching hers.

Everybody's " couldawouldashoulda beens " of the past.

maybe we.

maybe she.

Maybe If I watch " Love & Basketball " enough times
I'll be ready.

Type writer bungee jumps off of desk , cord breaks,
Suicidal words said " I love ... " .

Maybe if i watch " Poetic Justice " one more time
or maybe " Mississippi Masala " ....

maybe I'll be ready for chance encounters.

Maybe I'll water the grass, so when she finally strolls by
and notices " Forces of Nature " on the bigscreen
through the open curtains .... maybe she'll stay a while longer.

Lips say " I love you " w/ no words,
no audible tones - but make impressions
that leave impressions felt.

Hav Plenty indeed.

Maybe if I watch " Boomerang " again, I'll choose the right one.

Maybe if i borrow " Under the Cherry Moon " again,
I 'll learn to have fun w/ her when she comes.

" Oh, NOW you wanna watch Othello with me huh ? "

Doing my homework, studying mistakes, screenplays,
script flipping over paid cast members -

Maybe i'll be Pre paired
to breathe air
and treat fair
the sweet pair

of I's ,

that reflect who I am,
what I watch ,
who we are.

wrote this in one of my desperate yet somewhat
optimistic moods on my " love life " .

and Yes, I do feel better now -

I'm not thinking about it.


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