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Feb 28, 2001
Put on a thick skin and realize that not everyone will like your book! And you should NOT even want them to. It has been said that a bad review is better than no review at all, and that is probably true. You want to get your name and your title in front of the reading public. For a bad review you can use the source, and not quote the actual review.

What you should NOT do if you get a negative review:

Get angry
What you SHOULD do!

Consider the source. Some people will review your work although it is not in their normal realm of reading. And not a favorite genre for them. These reviewers will, in all probability, not give you a favorable review.

Look at other reviews done by the person that gave a negative review. Often you can get hints on their likes and dislikes.

Try to read reviews by potential reviewers before you submit. Some reviewers only like fiction; some only want to review non fiction; and still others get lost in complex story lines. Or don't stay focused with several point of view characters.
Know where to look for reviewers! One of the hottest spots on the Internet is the African American Literature Book Club. Since it is high on the search engines, and is very reputable, a good review here is priceless. Universities and schools around the globe look here for books.

It is not always possible to select who will review your work, but you can control how you feel about the review. Just try to look at it for what it is. A review, not a body of work! And chances are you'll have many more positive ones to your credit.
I'm not a writer by any stretch

but I am an avid reader. I wanted to say that I'm a proud owner of both your works and you are my new favorite author. I float through on a regular basis and I learn much from the information you've made available to the aspiring, the accomplished, and the admirers.

Keep up the excellent work, Sis. Much respect and love to you

Hello Bert,
And thanks so much for your message. It really pleases me to hear that you enjoyed my novels. I'm also happy to note that my infomation is helpful. People might also want to check out another source of information for writers and avid readers. I'm the founder of African American Authors Helping Authors, Inc. <>.

Thanks again!
Delores Thornton
author of Ida mae and Babe


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