Black Poetry : Peeps Need To Stay Strong!!! (I Cor. 10 vs 13)

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
all right drop the beats

got this fire burning hotter inside of me

don't want to get the best of me

sitting here drinking my forty why should I worry

everything today's a joke including the pope so why we faint

taking to long to watch paint dry you catch me on the fly

got these dope rhymes locked for this homeboy do think a lot

Snoop is with me burning up the extacy hold inside you see

today its the walking dead faces filled with lead

tombstones for eyes in their heads

but folks want to battle me while I'm out working on my legacy

its plain to see good rappers like me I'm the over weight lover Mario Vitale making sweet history...

the moral of this story is peeps need to be strong & can't we all just get along

funny how the time does fly another sucker hit me in the eye

back in the 80's Public Enemy was number one rappers having a bit of fun

Flava Flav & MTV with moments like these we came to agree

Remember Milli Vanilli with their record skipping minds were flipping really doing Karaoke

some in the industry are very sensitive best to leave such folks alone

Nas, Lamar & Lil Wayne are still in the rap game not to mention my man Fetty Wap still on top

old school is still the way to go bust up the beat to increase the tempo

burning rhymes with second chances even in its new romances

Man this me, this me, this me, and thats how its gonna straight up this is how im goona be, straight up just me
why everybody want to be a judge when they be judge by society man its a trip not getting notice when my presence dont exist but to exist is to be alive so am i alive? like bonnie and clyde i want to surrive and fly and never come back to this world of hell so thats what i say when times get hard, i aint measuring my time until my name blow up like fireworks in july (ya dig) or something major like cnn news live thats how i want my shows to be

When people see me they can say they know me but they just know the name but not the man behind the name so i say you play games like m.j but them chiks got games but i aint insane i aint after brain im looking for that ring that fits like a glass slipper so call me insane that i waste my time on them when them dont care about me whatever, whatever, whatever say what you please say what you please until your heart bleeds

Neither he or she can say it like i say her name so soft as pillow, she keep out of society storm so i know she the one like obama could be the one 'say what' man you aint feeling me like ray and his piano but i got my ray of sunshine that cant be declined and that be reyna all the time so shine on like the star you is and then you'll be a superstar can you believe? can you believe? this hype aint over and if you thought it was then you is over i could be anyplace in this world but i'am here waiting for you to realize who am i and i gotta say that im better than any lucky charm of a lucky charm


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