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Feb 1, 2006
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“Peeping Tom”

He looks in the window of a house on his block,
And sees an intoxicated father threatening to kill his family,
He waits a couple of nights then returns,
and views the mother running her hands through her thinning hair trying to figure out how she is going to pay the bills,
keep her family fed and their heads above water.

A few more nights pass and he returns,
This time spying on the daughter as the father “disciplines her” for not cleaning and caring for the house as she should,
yelling at her because she is being outdone in one of the 2 major extracurricular activities she has dedicated her life to.
As he looks on even he is frightened by the fathers booming voice,
YES PAPA, the girls screams as she is struck.

The peeping tom returns week after week,
because for him this family has become a Soap Opera.
He throws his views this time to the small child in the midst of this madness.
She is both motherless and fatherless,
it’s obvious the grandparents have taken her in.
She tries to entertain herself,
because otherwise she is met with brash and hard rejection from the other grown-ups,
to wrapped up in their adult problems to nurture her growing needs.

Last but not least, the peeping tom witnesses the crying fits of the daughter over her torn, dysfunctional life,
He witnesses her in the wee hours of the morning fighting in her sheets,
Rising in cold sweats from her sleep,
ripping at her clothes trying to escape those memories of violation,
trying to escape herself ,
He witnesses the self infliction of pain the daughter takes part in trying to recreate “the values of her father”.
the emotional strain the daughter endures while trying to comfort the small child in the house.

He witnesses the distraughtness of the mother,
Smoking 3 packs daily, running her hands through her thinning hair trying to figure out how she is going to feed and keep her family a float.

The peeping tom now appalled at his manners goes and turns himself in,
Disgusted and sorrowful at what he has witnessed over the last month.
He thinks to himself,
“just imagine 1 in 3 households in America function this way……..........."
"Guess I wasn’t as alone as I thought growing up afterall."

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