Black Poetry : (Peep)


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Apr 1, 2001

DOGG I achieve measures of control believe in treasures and gold //
My medallion will blind a battalion of stallions it hangs and shine so bold //
Rhymes be off the hinge hates false fringe benefits cleanse nitwits soul //
MADD you undertakes task makes thunder blast like cannons unfold //
Approach the question of transgression after a suggestion it was confession //
Of negligence it takes intelligence to rap sophisticated // elevated to profession //
DOGG not always true hot in phrase two study and search hate cruddy touch //
On rhymes calculate the maneuver evaluate the computer not even the clutch //
Of Jay Edgar Hoover can investigate of estimate how these rhyme devastate //
Your brain educate hardcore in this game rhymes soar like eagles with wing fate //
MADD the evidence takes sad precedence over all glad residence but since //
The beginning of time cats been blending rhymes like daiquiri wines very dense //
Corrections is required and perfection desired like cats playing basket-ball //
DOGG when I Hip Hops my speed measured in knots like ships on water //
Rip and slaughter like an assassin when blasting make trips with tape recorder //
Cats running up with gats // hats get slapped off bulletproof vest on to prevail //
Press on nails worn by my girl cats try to test but fail don’t want to end up in jail //
MADD we rhyme unequivocal doe with lyrical flow let the miracle glow //
Like stars in the big dipper, Jack the ripper is how cats grab and stab yo //
Not even flipper can swim in the river you deliver in the sea we crab and throw //



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