Chief Elder Osiris : Pearls Of Divine Wisdom, Pass It Own, Should You Desire.

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    Pearls Of Divine Wisdom, Pass It Own, Should You Desire.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep On Sharing The Divine Truth, Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Should you to desire to have perfect conduct, to be free from every evil to confront your life, then above all, guard against the vice of a vain faulty mind.

    A faulty vain mind is profanely grievous, which there is no cure, just replacement.

    There is no treatment for such an inappropriate Mind, it embroil Husband and Wife, Mother and Son and Father and Daughter, it is what keep Mother and Father, the root of a nation apart.

    A Faulty Mind is the compound for evil, it is a bundle of belief, which is the cause for all evil.

    That person endures whose rule is Divine Thinking, the law of Harmony,order and Balance thought, who walk the cycle of a perfect spirit, which lead to lasting peace.

    On the other hand, there will be left a legacy of Vain ego, envy and jealousy, the ingredients that reside in a faulty Mind.


    Chief Elder
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    he brought me into this with the knowledge that i wouldn't destroy him


    there is a cure for this MIND and that is Love (it's essence)

    you have to understand who or whatever put those thoughts there will reap what they sew

    not replacement but refinement and reformation

    he will endure only my Love, Love is my wrath, and how sweet it is

    I taste victory, smell fear, see tomorrow, reject the past, and claim mine

    i'm not capable of destruction, so they can't use me to help destroy what they have created

    i have MIND and I have my "step son"

    and even tho the seed is not my "child" I MADE HIM MINE

    My "husband" "father" "son" and "friend" (God) has agreed to adopt them

    he is doing this for me, and I will never turn on him, NEVER

    he has feeling and so do I

    so what am I saying

    I am saying that Lucifer the human homosexual is my spouse

    he may be "acting" like an idiot, but he is far from ignorance

    u can't lock him up here forever, his debt to this world is expired, and he will return to me

    like I have returned to him

    took 20 years, but hey whose keeping track of "time"

    their safe, and my respectful suggestion is u save urs, or they will turn on u, this is a law of "nature"

    peace Elder have a great day today.
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    oh, my bad

    let me make it clear

    Scott is my brother, he is the homo, and ashamed of himself

    my brother wants my husband

    and i wanna kill my brother for that, but i know better

    he will expire and start from the beginning

    my brother wants my power because he feels we should keep it in the family

    but his brother in law is a better man

    for every jesus there is a judus

    scott gave kris the beats to make my music and when and if i do beam up, my brother gonna get his u know what kicked by a "girl"

    punk, cat

    so when i say lucifer the human being..... i'm meaning what they tried to do to my man

    hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by her own brother

    and his son, my nephew and step son, he wit me

    it's a done deal and no turning back