Black People : Peace KRY

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
you're troubling my spirit, in my own house
such a great violation i can't take one more ounce
i can't take the chance of seeing it again
my spirit will think i'm no longer its friend
to allow you to come here acting so mean
would mean that i too am being obscene

i'm sure there are boards that would welcome your hate
that would embrace you and say why'd you get here so late
i can't handle it KRY and you know that i've tried
but the joy in my spirit has almost died

to my poetry family that have chose to flow here
please let me apologize as i'm quite sincere
i had no idea that the spirit in this place
would be so affected by one Brother's disgrace

And yes, he's our Brother which is why i've been slow
to ask him to leave ... don't come here ... just go
it hurts my heart to throw any away
i've said that before and i'm still saying it today ...

Peace KRY
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