Black People : Peace Brother Keita, and Sister Queen!

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    First of all I would like to thank the both of you for your tireless work and effort I know it took to put out such a fine piece of work.

    I just received the book yesterday, and I must say this book is just what we need right know in our community.

    Just like you brother Keita. I believe before we can truly get to where we need to be as a people. We must first deal with one of the biggest inhibitors that keep us from even thinking in the proper way that will get us to a starting point to truly solving our problems.

    Religion is that great inhibitor, and brother Keita your approach to dealing with this problem is right on point.

    You have stayed away from the petty arguments on questioning the truthfulness of these belief systems. Instead you force the readers to use their own common sense and deal with reality.

    By using historical facts and just good old common sense. There is only one logical conclusion that you can come away with when addressing these belief systems that we have come to adopt through force.

    And Brother Keita you brought that through with your work. I think you because this a very touchy subject in our community that needs to be addressed.

    Much respect and Love to you and your beautiful wife.

    And I will do my part to make sure this book gets into as many hands as possible.

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    awww CEO,
    That was such a beautiful thing to say. I like waking up seeing my name in lights....hmmmm...(thinking to myself)
    "Can I wake up every morning with this good feeling"
    Thank you CEO, we are all in the process of ever learning and growing.
    What a wonderful day, when we come to..not THINK, but KNOW!! ...that we are...
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    First of all I want to thank you for your kind and well thought out words concerning my book or work. I did my best to address the issues in a manner that would allow the reader to do as you stated..."think for themselves" instead of just me shoving somthing down their throats. I felt that it could be presented in a manner that would allow one to "honestly think for themselves".

    You know, at one point in my life when I was studying the initiation process of our ancestors in the so called mystery system, they stated that: "if you want the correct answer to a question, then the question must be properly framed in a manner that will allow the mind to bring forth the only possible answer to the question". I have tried to write in that fashion. Once again, I thank you and look forward to your spreading of the word in relationship to what I am seeking to do.

    Peace My Brother !