Black People : Pay No Attention To Those Negroes

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Pay No Attention To Those Negroes Who Live With Self Hatred Been Trained To Influence You Not To Think, Thinking Cause You To Use Common **** Sense!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Wake Up Negro The World Is Changing And It Is Leaving You To Remain In Your Oppressive Condition And You Still Sleeping, What A Pity And A Shame To Be Of The Same DNA Of Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Universal Ancient Ancestors And We Have No Drive, No Desire To Be Free From America Or Wherever We Are Not In Afrika And Even At Home In Afrika The Black Afrikans Living Condition World Ranking Is The Same, Go, Go Black Afrikans And Prepare To Fight For Your Freedom Power and to receive it you must use Common Sense which will let you know why we Must become Organized To Be Unified and the path that leads to our Freedom is our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and a believing mind is not equipped to know the Reason why beloved.

The Sixties and -Seventies Enslavement mentality all over again, is what you Black Afrikans are observing today in America throughout the white world when you see and hear those negroes making a pitch on behalf of their social-economic political-religious masters.

No Common Sense, No Freedom, just acceptance to being oppressed by Black Afrikans in America not by choice, and here we falsely claimed to be Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans, we who just sit idly by allowing Negro Americans identify and define Black Afrikans in America way to behave in a infested Racist Unjust prejudice Devilish Satanic Luciferian Human Being Environment, the environment that is the reflection of the Racist prejudice oligarchy white Luciferian Being creation, an environment that has Black Afrikans to be so propagandized with lies and act of deceit being told and acted out by Black Afrikans Americans, they are well conditioned to believe in an American Dream that have Black Afrikans living a nightmare in total submission to whatever that white racist American educate Black Afrikans to believe, and belief is Black Afrikans Demon whom we worship with a habit Black Afrikans now is addicted to believe is the answer to living a better way of living in America, never to be with a desire to be Free which is not available to be in America nor any of the racist Governmen compounds that ally with the ways and behavior of white racist America.

Listen beloved Black Afrikans, be you in or out of America, I have not shared with you anything we have not experienced, therefore that is why I can offer to you that which I share with you, which is the Divine Truth about You and this white Racist by the spirit he acts against Black Afrikans and has been proven to be an enemy to Black Afrikans and that is why I share with you that I view the world with a tunnel vision, meaning do not you come to me with any insignificant bull do' do that has nothing to do with causing the rise of your Divine mind, I know if what has been given to me to know by my master teacher, which is living experience, what I share with you is the Divine Truth, not any **** so call truth, but the Divine Truth, a Truth been weighed on the scale of empericle facts and common **** sense, which have me to know that I would be out of bound from using Common sense if I should engage you in debating what I know is Divinely True.

Have I come to you prefacing everything I share with you by selling to you this Devilish Luciferian Human Being Religion, any ****** as defined by white folks when making claim to be giving to you godly advice and begin and in the middle and at the ending the negro or anybody trying to convince you, have to insert that devil Religious scripture to give what he is lying to you about theories so the profane mind Black Afrikans now obey will be in a comfort zone that qualifies you to accept lies and deception being told to you by a believing negro mind.

Not I, beloved, I share with you Black Afrika about what it is going to take for us to disengage from the Mental illness that Luciferian Human Being has us hypnotized with, which has Lucifer created religious God and the Doctrine that serve as its foundation of confinement to be the cover for the lies the negro is commissioned to tell you about, not share but tell you about.

I observe the interaction that is going on between those demonstrators and the various levels of Lucifer Government, all that those Demonstrators are doing is playing to the rules that devil have you reacting too in your performance when you are totally unaware of a deeper agenda that is in pursuit by the factions engaged in controlling your way of believing, you are living in a period of time environment whereby war is going on between white Luciferian faction to see who will be the one to phase in a New Way ( Order ) of controlling the masses of a world dictated to society, which will be done by making claim to being a Democracy.

But you see, I do not give a **** about the reason why that devilish white Luciferian Human Being is in an America internal altercation, I know for Black Afrikans to rise again in Afrika as a Unified Black Afrikan Nation, all of our attention must turn to confront America about the historical evil experience has printed into the annals of Time the way that devil performed against our Afrikan Ancestors when they were victims of Chattel Slavery treatment by a wicked Luciferian Racist white Human Being.

Listen Up!

Allow me to inform you about this that is going on using George Floyd as a cover, the problem is that this Demonstration is not yours, Black Afrikan people, the Time is Right But the quality of action that is going on, your Black behind do not control, you see, the cause for the action is justified but we as a Black Afrikan in America not by choice is not prepared to control the action needed to be done that would respect George Floyd as well as Our Enslaved Ancestors, Qjuadaffi and all Black Afrikans who are victims of America Evil oppression.

As I have shared with Black Afrikans, we go nowhere, we get nothing, not as long as there is a Disorganized Black Afrikan in America not by choice which is in keeping with the nature of our condition worldwide which is what causes the Black Afrikans because of our disorganization to be a divided Black Afrikan Nation and no Nation that is divided living without Freedom is a nation good for nothing but to be used as a fool is used by the Dominating force of power and that is why Trump told the State Governors that to gain control of the looting demonstrators they must become the Dominating force, which is the information I have been sharing with Black Afrikans we must be to our Black Afrikans selves if we are ever to see us rise as a Unified Black Afrikan Nation and to be Governed in Afrika as A United States Of Afrika Government.

There is no copyganda we Black Afrikans need to be under the influence by, we are already victims of the Luciferian propaganda that have us behaving like a child is justified behaving as, it is the nature of Growth and Development and here our Black behind allowing our Grown-*** to be treated as if we are a child under the influence of a white racist devilish Luciferian Human Being!!!

Again I ask of you Black Afrikans everywhere on this planet earth, What Time Is It!!!

Divine Respect


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