Black Poetry : Pause on the stats of my rhyme they known to cause cats to be blind so it's best to stay away and su


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May 11, 2006
Pause on the stats of my rhyme
they known to cause cats to be blind
there's a lost of words
this could cost nerds
they should toss verbs
into microphones to show
action wanna throw
stones at my flow
want great cake
can take a break
and be kissing and make
out, find peace in rapping
but love cease to happen
got rum and gin
and this must come to an end
got raw flows
have to draw to a close
the crowd disappeared
and the clouds cleared
hear loud voices feared
so it's best to stay away
and suggest today
live wise
and give rise
to common sense
to some it's a phenomenon in suspense
got hype softly
and each type of coffee
is poured in a cup
I've soared to gulp
it down through sips
and my true lips
love it just flips
my mind adapt plans
because of rap demands
keep maps in my hands
grab a nation
and teach them navigation
want cute romances
that suit the circumstances
from HIP HOP A static separation
which leads to dramatic representation
take a local pounding
from social surroundings”
“NAW PLAYER my path bloom and itching
in the bathroom and kitchen
go take a soap shower
wash and hope to tower
because freshness is dope power
boys ready to split my muffin
and knock the legit stuffing
out of it, while huffing and puffing
A VIRGINIA BEACH queen that hurl
butt every which way but loose
wanna a cup of juice got them goose
bumps the juice reduce the lump
of sugar on my red lips boys jump
to kiss them a lot while I shake rump
when I walk anyway at this store
Seven Eleven in VIRGINIA BEACH galore
I'm in a mini-skirt
and plenty love dirt
is whispered in my ear
a hot blister gonna appear
boys really try rap up on
some, his rap so clear
wanted to clap an cheer
but maybe trapped in here
this boy corrected his pride and bling
and that's just a specified thing
it is a wise fact
this is a surprise attack
hard to recognize the act
get so wet but no sweat
that's common can't let
boys take cake just like that

boys take cake just like that
navigate mean to run a ship
grab cake have fun with my lips
so at home you gonna need oars
when my hormones soars
just to paddle in my lake
of cake which make BETTY CROCKER great
so there are crumbs yum yum where I'm from
shook over you
in my pocket nickels to amuse
here roads for vehicles to use
I got dignity and a load of flows for pie
love get thicker no doubt some
have a a particular outcome
INDIAN RIVER ROAD to the right
BENJAMINS spending code tonight
so boo my drop top in a parking space
girl you here in SEVEN ELEVEN sparking lace
in a major town or city
got flavor and down like P DIDDY"
"YOU ALERT for pies
gonna avert my eyes
and my skirt flies
when the wind blow
and my panties are thin doe
and they stay wet
I maybe a playette
so just ahead
we must go to bed
cool like Mariah Cary
but like a school library
boys read me like a book
and they the type hooked
on phonics, proud in this world
as a loud girl in crowd just hurl
butt, hot boys
is a lot of noise
stop with the sex toys
was singing swell at home
the ringing of the cell phone
shattered my eardrum had
to hear some guy beg for mad
sex, talking about “boo can I
come over there I got a plan fly
so please stand by I'll be right there
so please stand by I'll be right there
oh wow this could be a nightmare
like ELMS STREET and fright stare
me in the face, so tomorrow is groovy
after a horror movie
hung up the borrowed phone choosy
who I talked to, I have Philippine thighs
and almost green eyes
this boy dream about my pies
write love letters wait for my replies
my style is heat
can send a child to sleep
like a smile to a lullaby so sweet
oh my luck spin
because I'm shut in
and strut butt to win
first place
because boys thirst for lace
like SALT&PEPPA have lace
and shoop luck
but I'm cooped up
it's an unjust act
not to trust the fact
my pie crust being attacked”
“OK BOO I want cake to pound
but the bed will make a sound
because the mattress is squeaky”
you not an actress but your thing is leaky
wanna wear bling to your address freaky
wanna wear bling to your address freaky
but just let me hit the skins
that's only done by legit men
then I'll admit you be my girlfriend
and boo that"s how the world begin
I'm a lover of true girls
wanna discover new world”
“OH SO you wanna have fun downtown
when I heard that my head spun around
a kiss is wet I suppose
I'm wearing fishnet hose
like a chorus girl
it's a notorious world
got buttered lyrical
along with other material
used to convey love
when I stay in the club
have scrimmages with time
this produce images in my mind
memories still vivid
that's how I live it
got butter with handles
no further scandals
a lover wear sandals
flow with MC'S
this stuff grow on trees
like leaves I'm in the hummer and fine
but wanna put a cucumber in mine
kissed my lips and tried a number of times
so for real this summer I decline
just gonna chill and be real
strut breasts around
and keep my dress down
boys wanna grab peach pie
and then reach for the sky
oh Philippine chicks go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH true
sex can be anywhere because down there
plenty there and us girls are aware
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH and boys stop
at the SEVEN ELEVEN and try rap
or great heaven even lie perhaps
damp from the shower
had to revamp my power
just to dry off
and keep my pie soft
no nightly regrets
as my thing become slightly wet
remember I was at another store
SEVEN ELEVEN with butter galore
a boy started to rap look at my breasts
and wanted to test the bed he was impress
me being wet today
and seeing I have to get away
rapping to a girl boys go balls
to the wall with vocab and all
his voice is ready
air moist and heavy
this boy wanna rip some
with the tip of his tongue
come far with wisdom
like a radar system
its tracking stuff down
huff and puff like a hound
ride in a Toyota with quotes
and like canoes and motorboats
it floats on seas and I hope these
don't sink like the TITANIC
this boy want pie to be romantic
oh PHILLIPINE girls go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH new
style called HIP HOP for real
I'm not to be squeezed at the waist
this boy beg please for my lace
oh I must leave this place
this boy wanna tease my lace
led to a recent surprise
this affair a decent size
whew! Just can't hide
oh he jest grab my waist
and kiss my lips right there
I couldn't go anywhere
but it made me plenty aware
that he wanted some
then he jest got my tongue
oh what a PHILLIPINE girl
to do my skirt was up a little
he wanna suck and fiddle
with my breasts oh yes I must
escape the crust on my cake trust
me it's wet, sex and a kiss attract
and this exist in fact
ride in Lex with a list of maniacs
that I have to duck and plan attacks”
OK boo


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