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    The Christians are not now denying that Paul used some of the words used in the Pagan religions. He did not use them all and that is what is important! The Christian rogues are really setting up a new straw doll—that the critics are claiming Paul was copying the mystery religions in toto. Why otherwise would anyone expect him to use all the technical terminology of the mysteries? The straw doll is easily knocked over. Paul never used the word “mystes” as a name for a new Christian initiate. QED.
    It is hard to see who would be impressed by this idiocy, but clappies obviously are, proving both their intellectual level and the abject cynicism of their evangelical caste of learned professors and doctors.

    What is more interesting is that Paul was singularly interested in the word “mysterion,” translated variously as “mystery” or “secret.” The mysteries were called that because the initiates had revealed to them certain “mysteries” during their initiation ceremonies. Since Paul claims precisely the same thing—that the Christian convert would have revealed certain mysteries—there is no difference in the approaches of the two types of religion. Thus Paul writes:

    According to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began.
    (Rom 16:25)

    Paul uses the word “mysterion” like this no less than twenty times in his letters. Since this use exactly parallels the mysteries, it is easy to see why the Christians have to find a simpler target and so pretend that the argument is that Paul is copying the whole of the mysteries and not simply cutting and pasting the bits he likes. The next turn the Christians use is to say that Paul did not mean the word in any sense like the mysteries—a secret to be revealed to the mystes—but simply as a mystery of God! As J G Machen puts it, it was a mystery “formerly hidden in the counsels of God” but “now was to be made known to all.” The clear headed reader will be wondering how this differs from what the mystery initiate expected to receive, accepting that the god whose counsels were to be revealed was a different one from Yehouah.

    Paul in the book of Acts 14:12 Paul claims he spoke like hermes/Thoth. thoth and ptah were known for creating masons who were famously known for keeping secret. the greek term for mystery comes from Mu, "to shut the mouth", refers to ritual silence of initiations into mysteries. the NT has many mysteries they were sworn to keep secret (Matthew 13:11