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Jul 26, 2001
THE BREAD & WINE OF BAAL: with all of its links with Paul and James objection

By Andre Austin

The worship of Baal may be a form of worshiping Osiris (Bacchus) & Isis (Bellona) by other names. The Egyptian word” Bakh” (Bacis/Buchis) or blood from bulls. Bacchus other names are Bel, Baal, Balaam or Belia

The wine drunk in Baal’s goblet were symbolic of the females womb and the bread was Manna symbolic of males phallus. These two organs combine make up the Egyptian cross known as the ankh with the loop on top of the cross a vagina and the pole of the cross is Osiris missing penis brought back to life by the flapping wind (Holy Spirit) of Isis wings

James the brother of Jesus objected to Paul’s Gospel that the Law was no longer life but the faith in the life of Jesus resurrection (Romans 10:5-11). In a direct response to this James said Faith without works is dead (James 2;17).

At the very end of James’s last chapter he encourages fellow comrades in the faith to pray for each other saying righteous men are powerful and effective.

“Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years. Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain…

My brothers, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring him back. Remember this: whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death”. (James 5:13-20). James is giving an allusion to those worshiping Baal in 1 Kings Chapter 16 and 17.

The letter of Jude picks up on James as calling the followers of “Balaam error” also stating they are Shepherd’s as “clouds without rain” and “wandering stars”. Jude also associates these Balaam followers as secretly coming in, disputing about the body of Moses. Jude calls them unreasonable (stubborn) animals not understanding (Donkeys). Other adjectives Jude uses points to Arabs in the Tribe of Benjamin and the Herod’s from Edom (Shasu Tribes of Edom) who were called “wanders” and “plunders” seeking water holes. Wikipedia cites dependency between 2 peter chapter 2 and Jude 18 as a direct quote. 2 Peter and Jude also share the theme of the Donkey not understanding running by instinct. The book of Revelation chapter 2 identifies this secret false teaching (bologna)) of Balaam as coming from the time of Herod Antipass whose family are within the tribe of Shasu. Why did Jude use both tribes of Benjamin and Shasu? Because Paul was a wolf in sheep clothes being an Arab claiming the Tribe of Benjamin.

In the book of Romans 11:1-24, Paul talks about coming from the Tribe of Benjamin, who were followers of Belia and Isis as Venus the morning/Evening star), and that he converted 7,000 who have not bowed Baal like in the past to his present. Paul also says: “Don’t you know about the passage in Elijah how he appealed to God against Israel and killing the prophets. Paul then talks about grafting in people to the branches of the Olive tree which seems to be the contexts of Jude talking about those secretly coming in. The Herod’s put Jewish princesses in their harem and produce children so that they could claim they were Jews but were not but followers of Beial Baal, Balaam (Satan). If this wasn’t back and forth talk between James and Paul I don’t now what is.

Lets not forget James, Jude, 2 Peter all lampoon Paul as a foolish Donkey because of his cursing on Moses Law and followers of James. The book of Revelations would then come in later to lampoon and harpoon Paul as the black horse with scales in his hands, killing him and others with blood going up to the horses bridles. Paul thought he had righteousness in his hands as just the law of Love (heart) see 2 Cor 6:7). The only thing Paul has in his hand was the blood of James who he cursed.

When Paul said “This cup is the New Covenant in my blood do this,…whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the lord’s death until he comes” ( 1 Cor 11:25-34). He also advises them to eat before they come so that you don’t eat too many mushrooms and get poisoned and fall asleep. If you recall the story of Osiris being cut up by Satan but reconstructed with all his body parts except for the penis which was eaten by a fish. Well these new Christians are playing the role of “little fishes” feeding off the life of Jesus as manna (John chapter 6) which is symbolic of Mushrooms/Penis.

For Paul the blood of Bulls coming from the Egyptian and Mithra were no longer needed because Jesus replaced them (Hebrews 9:13-14). What Paul was doing is what the Ptolemaic Dynasty did with the Egyptian religion was graft in a hybrid of Osiris in with the Apis bull to make Serapis (Osiris). The New Testament continued this with having Jesus act out Serapis miracle of spiting into the eyes of a blind man and him seeing men like trees (Tefnut/Shu). One of these Ptolemy’s was called Eurcahrist and his coronation ate human flesh and blood from where Catholics names their cannibal feast from. This feast would later symbolized Titus war against the Jews and forcing them into cannibalism.

James and his followers didn’t buy it or eat or drink blood. For them it was just a substitution of one for the other and was dead as far as they were concerned.


Some claim the bread and wine came from Melchizedek priesthood (Genesis 14:18/ Hebrews Chapter 7). Well I got news for you. The Melchizedeks are descendants from the Amorite Hyksos from the tribe of the Arabian Shasu also being known as “The Shepherds” as the book of Jude calls them being in the error of Balaam (Baal).

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